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  1. HI, I've been using Affinity Designer for a couple of years now and it has become one of my favourite apps to use. But there are a few small issues that I've been hoping would be fixed with each release and haven't. Issues that just grate on me and diminishes my love for the app every time they come up. 1. Undoing an opt+drag copy just undoes the drag action and not the couple action. So my layers get littered with extra copies that I have to manually seek and destroy. A real time waster. 2. I use geometry a LOT, it drives me crazy the when I add/subtract/intersect shapes in a group, that the new shape skips out of the group and gets moved to the top of all layers. And then I have to grab and a put it back into the group it belongs to. 3. I've found that when I export an artboard, if the position of the artboard isn't set to a whole number, then the export process will add 1px to the dimension. If I have a 100x100px artboard and the artboard position within the document is set to x: 2.5 y:2.5, then the exported the image will be 101x101px. Make exporting really tedious when I have a lot of artboards, since I have to go in and move every artboard that's not positioned on whole numbers. 4. If I select an object by clicking it in the layers panel, when I press shift+arrow I expected it to super nudge (10px) the object on the artboard, but instead, it selects more layers in the layers panel. I use Designer a lot at my job and if it weren't for those 4 things, I'd be super happy with the experience and recommend it to everyone. But as it is, because it occurs with functions I use all the time, it wears me down. thanks -Pete
  2. mcpete

    EPS compatibility

    This has been my experience working with artwork I've created in AD that I have to import into Sketch. Any gradient I've created so far in AD has been rasterised in Sketch. I've had to change my workflow to remove or not use gradients in AD and only after importing my artwork into Sketch apply any gradients at that point. Which is a pain because I can't create final AD artwork file, instead having to create 2 files with the addition of a final Sketch artwork document containing the final artwork with gradients. It's one of the few issues I've had with Affinity Designer that really negatively affect my workflow.
  3. mcpete

    Colour Wheel display issue - minor

    Thanks, I'll try resetting the studio.
  4. Glad to here that's on the roadmap. I was going to go back to using Illustrator but after using Affinity Designer, I didn't like using Ai's node/pen tools (the node are almost microscopic) as much as Affinity's. So as a work around, I'm actually designing in Affinity and any time I need to expand a stroke, I cut & paste into illustrator, expand it there and then cut & paste back into Affinity. Not ideal but it works enough that I don't have to completely switch back to illustrator.
  5. Just noticed a minor bug for the colour wheel in the colour palette. When I start Affinity Designer with no document open, the colour wheel is a bit wonky, but it corrects itself as soon as I create or open a new doc (picture attached). So no big deal, just thought I'd let you guys know.
  6. I've found that Affinity Designer's Expand Stroke function is pretty terrible. It creates way too many points on the path. I've also found that with lines that have had their pressure adjusted, the ends are expanded using corner node, so they loose the smooth curve of the original. I've included a screenshot to illustrate what I'm talking about. A 2 node straight line with rounded end caps is expanded to have 22 points. A straight line with the pressure adjusted is no better and the ends loose their curve and become sharp points. A curved line with adjusted pressure is just plain ridiculous. And there is no function to simplify the shape, so you can't get rid of all the extra point easily. Just don't expanded the stroke then? I wouldn't for an illustration normally, but when I want to make a SVG for web, I need to expand the strokes when I've adjusted the pressure because pressure adjustments don't translate into the SVG file. All the extra points ends up bloating the size the of the SVG and the pointed line ends look kind of crappy. I'd really love to see that improved. I'm loving Affinity Designer, especially after the 1.5 update. Keep it up – Pete
  7. Hi, I been work on a big project with affinity designer for Mac and have noticed I'd have duplicate objects that I couldn't understand how they got created. I finally figured it out. When I select something, then option+drag it to make a duplicate, I get my duplicate object, but if I undo that function, AD just moves the new copy to the position of the original, it's not actually undoing the copying, just the dragging. If I undo again, then the copy gets deleted. I think this is a bug as the drag+option to create a copy is one step (two things happen at the same time) not two separate steps. So undoing should just delete the new copy entirely.
  8. OK, that clears things up a bit. Probably just stick to working with artboards in AD then, as it operates closer to what I've come accustom to after using Freehand/Illustrator for the last 20 years. Appreciate the timely responses. Thanks Chris -Pete
  9. Ok I see what the problem is now. If I create a new document without checking "Create artboard", then I get the odd behaviour of things becoming inaccessible if they are off the page when zoomed in. If I create a new doc with "Create artboard" checked, then I get the ability to zoom in on any object or point, even if it's nowhere near the artboard. I find it a bit confusing, what the difference is between setting a new document with or without creating an artboard. Either way something that looks like an artboard appears. Also, why is there the weird difference in zoom/pan abilities? Why limit access to assets off the page. I quite often use the space outside the page as a sort of rough paper to try out variations of assets. Storing them just off the page in case I need to use it. Keeping it within easy reach, but outside the exporting/printing zone. Now, if I wanted to zoom into one of those assets to edit it, I'd have to zoom out, move it onto the page, zoom in, make the edits, zoom out and finally move it back off the page. …or of course, I now realise, just always check "Create artboard" for new docs.
  10. Sorry for the late reply. I've created a screen recording of what I was talking about. Zooming in makes object inaccessible. https://www.dropbox.com/s/xho75k2mv5tuc9l/panning%20issue.mov?dl=0
  11. Have an issue with the pan tool. I went to zoom in on a object to edit it, but after zooming in, the bottom of the object was off screen. I went to pan down so I could edit it but the screen wouldn't pan. I could pan up, but then it too stopped panning after a short distance away from the artboard. Leaving a lot of objects off the artboard inaccessible when zoomed in. I thought maybe it was a glitch in the file, so I zoomed out so I could select all the objects again, cut them and create a new file and pasted them into it. Zoomed in again had had the same issue. When I'm zoomed in, I can only pan a short distance from the edge of the artboard. I opened an older file i had worked on the other day (created months ago) and I could still pan around where ever I wanted. So I don't know if this means that it's only files created with a newer version of AD that have the panning issue. Create a new file and have noticed that depending on the zoom, how far you can pan away from the artboard changes. Affinity Designer 1.4.2
  12. mcpete

    Hot or Cold

    So far I'm loving using Affinity Designer. Looking forward to more great releases.
  13. Finally was able to make the switch at work from Illustrator to Affinity Designer for any graphic images we use. Created this guy for a website based of the logo. I love the ability to adjust the stroke pressure to add a bit of variety in the stroke wide.
  14. This is a small feature, but one that really would improve the experience for me. This feature save time while using the pen tool because you can adjust the points on the fly without having to break the flow of work to switch tools. I don't think I've had a session working in Affinity Designer that it hasn't irritated me a little that I couldn't use the spacebar to adjust the location of a node while placing it. Really hope it's implemented soon!

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