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  1. okay now i understand you just used them. i look then them. and i think i can do only hsl to rgb conversion if i allready have suitable images suitable names even they are not origianlly same image at all.(but same size). such uses is ones what i also thinked. totally creative ways use image colours for abstract art.
  2. now i wonder how earth is possible but rgb->hsl conversion what i think part of procedural texture becouse formula what i found such have parts what i cannot put formulas.
  3. tell how this recompostion is done please ? amazing remember this gmic technology. even this one direction allows lot but now i wait recompostion solution. and indeed corel paintshop pro have such seperations at least some colour spaces and i tested it with trial but found general usage (i mean basic needs resizing,photshop type painting/drawing,cropping etc) is very slow (and i disliked general interface) becouse of this goed with Affinity Photo. i look also you python script mabe someday maybe can think if i have someday super energy (not likely happen) to learn it as well. Ps. btw i use windows.
  4. document seems be needed be format what this end result needed be. but huge and giant thanks these macros. and i also try also understand how they work. and saddly making such with HSL values is impossible now i bet. i maybe get oeher tool someday such HSL use i know program what allows such. also have other nice things what are hard or impossible with these Affinity apps. and i mean when we talk creative usage. but basic image processing needs is terrible to my taste and if need photoshop style painting tools also then.(and photoshop style is less what real natural media painting programs are but still nice often). terrible means slow at least and i feel maybe also overly complex interface. is also cheap app. ps. now i try found cmyk colour profile what is widest possible. and try remember do folder for this kind macros for this app ones what i cannot import to see panel where are these huge collections what other people done.
  5. oddly i found in rgb mode gradient map if i use rgb project with cmyk cyan converts it to rgb cyan i mean pure one what is 8bit values is 0,255,255. not nice and others as well i can do thing of course when i convert project to cmyk and load images to it they stay rgb and i can then map them such gradient maps what i mean put them top of each other. basically solved but if have single image and convert it cmyk profile before gradient map gets some its colours lost.
  6. Is possible combine three black white images way one is L and others are A,B. and similar with CMYK. RGB i know idea what i can use i use images as colour images (what have data only chanel R or G or B) but and layer them suitable mixing mode (i dont remember exact mode name) same idea does not work with these others. and if i use in gradient map with cmyk values for points i wonder if inbeetween values stay cmyk values. if stay i maybe found solution how can do this with cmyk and i this is related creative art maybe others know other reasons use it. nicely i allready found way paint only L chanel for example.(allows correct looking highlights).
  7. Someone used i bet (but is still funny how people automatic even without picture expect he some groups etc) of course is offtopic. and some use they even singular one cases.
  8. this not actually solve it ( looked better) becouse i cannot set value what used brightest areas. exactly i want recolour but with swatches support. and either ideas what you given are nice but not solve this thing. i hope developers understand what i want and i bet so many else who use recolour.
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