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  1. I do image with Vector tools (with Affinity Photo) and even i flatten it auto levels and auto contrast dont work expect converting it grayscale. with photos they work. and also if i use bitmap brushes. and i try do custom brushes (from my own photos and some pixabay/pexels photos) i found this thing. and i wanted scale to whole range images what use for exmaple 50-164 to 0-255 in 8bit values. and found these odd things.
  2. Affinity Photo procedural texture value ranges ? some ideas what i try develop (i know general tests i can do these but i want countrol colours then i need ranges what RGB/CMYK/LAB colour models use and if there other thing ranges like what is value range what sin funtion returns etc)
  3. in this distort shear i cannot use formula? looks like no. makes me tihnk is possible develop such way tool put text to circle element. if is possible allready some other tool i want know. Ps. these macros are affinity photo only?
  4. sometimes improvements are thing what we dont want. and of course pixel personma needed bitmap brushes etc. i asked licence related thing.
  5. Affinity programs default brush categories ? i tested many brush sets and removed some what i dont like (and some demoversions i say demo version becouse if i use these i must put credit but with using money i dont need put credit but i generally i dont want use such stuff where i must put credit to it). i wanted know if i removed something by accident or not. of course i can reset brushes but importing again my brush sets what i buyed (evne custom ones) is painfully slow process (even more when i import big 2500x2500 pixels brush what are made for photoshop programs crash even sometimes then i think at least goes not respond mode long time). i found this older not most recent version:
  6. I can use them also even buyed Designer after this version number? i maybe foudn something what i like or not.
  7. Really nice how many hourse you used?
  8. found simila thing what i use do curve used again before starting line part which solves things. all is now solved not maybe best way.
  9. how draw geometric shape (i try use pencil tool) what first part is curve? i tried draw one kind flower where bottom part should be curve to me is easier start from it. like bottom part of almost circle (but not perfect becouse is art not "sterile digital stuff"). i can draw similar shape with free hand but using vector shape i can get one kind roundness what i cannot do itself. one other program what is not vector tool etc allows do such curve but is not part of such geometric shape. where i give end and start points and third point. beizer ? curve tool. solution for this one its points two times then first "line" is curve. but after this even go polygon mode when i done is curve what i dont expect i show also what i get. i show there what kind bottom curve i want for this flower. of course i can draw two objects what i combine one but is slow and i think polygone mode should go active first line after seleting it.
  10. how i can beging pen tool with curve. always starts line one solution i found use another point same place where is begings but after this when want in beetween points line first is always curve very sad. i try draw one kind flower and i cannot get one kind roundness for example when i use bitmaps. and as all know we cannot scale bitmap freely and rotate it lossless way.
  11. No symmetry tool in Affinity Designer vector side of why? i hope they add it or someone tell where it is.
  12. my Documentes A3 size. Affinity Photo crash some times when i have ellipse with graident (radial i think) and i want use brush tools in area when i select brush sometimes crash. brush are big but reason their size is 2500pixels.(they are imported Photoshop brushes). I use latest version i think and WIndows 10 pro. and i have 32gigabytes memory and run same time some other programs but should be not problem. i bet is related brush size what i cannot be smaller saddly these brushes cannot be bigger. i want use add texture such object. i show if iget someday result what i like. i bet is related big brushes.
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