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  1. sounds good this way if i have selected palette with speffic colours exports with them and i mean when it work. luckily such special cases i can do way i scale etc image in Affinity Photo and use end platfrom tools convert image to speffic palette. my need is related old school machine (Amiga without graphic card) wallpapers.
  2. still even i know these factors still sounds very oddly slow. but generally i dont need palette based ones such high resolutions more like much lover when if i do old school machine wallpapers. and this slowness is not so bad but this is bad somehow suddenly without any clear reason png export goed non working state luckily tiff export worked and i needed only export screenshot not complex project what is needed hours do. also jepg export worked not tested others. but i dont use jpeg such cases.
  3. Why in Windows version of Affinity Photo now PNG export preview generating so slow and also saving is very slow? even images are only 8megapixels of size i think its 3264x2448 pixels. one thing is i main it goed dithered mode (by accident) what is slow but i dont understand why such is so slow even this computer. maybe such export need optimizing.
  4. Designer v2 is possible get preview without artboard names? i know space what i get preview but only with these texts.
  5. There is old version way what seems unavailable now not even V1 version what i have have such possiblity even there also when i drag artboard shows this handle what other things use rotation. Rotate Canvas/Artboard - Pre-V2 Archive of Affinity on Desktop Questions (macOS and Windows) - Affinity | Forum (serif.com) ps. sometimes is easier found correct way by eye.
  6. how rotate artboard? i bet done it earleir with mouse not only transfrom panel. and i even see such handle what is available in pictures when i drag it different postions. but i cannot use this handle.
  7. Not work becousee cuts layer areas what are outside of project. another thing what i thinked is : clipbroad way what mentioend my thread where i tried solve this have own problems.(converts layer document colour profile) and sets dpi to 96.
  8. None seems do perfect job nearest is clipboard thing what works fine when all project images are for example in srgb.
  9. becouse when you edit project whole image is available is odd if you think needs lot of changes allow save such in fully. Programmed little and i dont see why it should be hard.
  10. even this aargh. i hope they undetrstand how important this is. there is few things what are more important than others even i respect personal rating things but some are so easy code compared others. i dont think this is hard code at all when we have routines what allready write images even based multiple layers with many mixing modes,vector shapes etc. so many reasons why i dont want use other programs.(ecosystem,price and learning new,and some tiny details of these apps).
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