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  1. way what i get result wjhat i expect i put end point of line other palce and move with node tool correct position when done line. now i can draw shapes what i want.
  2. i can get result what i expect when i draw this line part to othher point and move after this correct point with node tool. i done poor phone video what shows problem. i can maybe put also here i allreasy put in one Facebook group what is realated to Affinitty Designer.
  3. Good queston i want also different location becouse i do backups. and my boot drive is thing what i dont fill such stuff.
  4. i found convert button this pencil tool what i can use change to how inbeetween points are made last even i mode what should do line beetween two point does it curve draws line but when connects with point where shape starts does always curve. Expect i use only lines do my shape. but i nedd combine liens and these curves like these flowers show. Any idea how fix this? Windows 10 and affinity designer is
  5. When i open picture showed small (smaller what resolution means). and ansver is simply i dont used full screen size window Windows. after using such is fixed it but i must fix picture preview size allready imported photos.
  6. Why Affinity Photo opens photo in so small? origianl resultuon but its small in editing window bevouse i scale it. like about 2.5cm in one direvtino and aobut 1.6cm another.
  7. Looks like only solution use this other profile what is total ink limit setted 300%. i dont know if even photshop there is not total ink setting over what profile has.
  8. i think is good idea i wait what printing service says. i bet customer care people make mistake.
  9. SRGB to cmyk conversion i do direclty photo darkest colour darker than 300% (what is max allowed) when i change levels 4%-100% range (100%=white) is still but when i use 5% is range but uses about only 140% i think is coated profile for one digital printing (they use xerox igen) i now worry is too light. if so any ideas how do correct conversion. Iso Coated v2 (Forgal 39L) ECI version is what they need such paper. any ideas how i do conversion.
  10. Finer scale than 1% levels anyway possible? in Affinity Photo. this time is related (maybesometimes needed other reasons) is total ink coverage things. using 1% bmakes black too dark and 2% is very light.(when max ink understasnd should be 250% with this way i get about 150% i think).
  11. What file format you recommend for images what i edit for book in Affinity Photo(Designer and i want keep them in selected colour profile? i know png does not support cmyk. and jpeg also not support and is not lossless. think tiff.
  12. Indeed such tool is needed. and is understandable now why is not selectd and my test material when i select one these numbered ones end result look acrobat reader at least fine unlike one what has in its name x charter. now i wonder if pdf 1.4 keep images in original profile and other colours cmyk profile if i select them in cmyk mode.
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