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  1. MxHeppa

    Old CCTV image experiment

    makes me think how stripes are done. and dispaly corners as well.
  2. Something what i want do is possible do this way i put picture to document and select K only and then put this object selected pantone hue. and in what i seedisplay looks what i want but i dont know if printed result is what i want. and is impossible test becouse at least here where i live (and some other palace where i can get works cheapyl) minium amount products what you can do with pantones is about 250 pieces. expect cd cover papers where minium is 25 but is bit pricey.
  3. i really want know how i possible to tints of pantone hues? what work correctly printed this single ink. and same how i can convert picture beetween pantone hue and paper color. seen such pictures many places and i think is realtively easy do Adobe tools but they are too pricey to me. this with correct hue looks amzing i think. correct something dark. your tutorial tells how i can use vector elements and text with pantone hues this dont solve all what i want do.
  4. But this is not tell how i can use single picture for such modication in publsiehr document or is so simple i do image in photo and save in affinity photo or psd format and put such docuemnt?
  5. convert image layer what uses single pantone inc for its levels beetween paper color and this pantone hue? i want add pictured shaped gold effect in my projects. using photoshop this kind things is are possible i think. and i want test xerox digital priting machines what now have even gold,silver,white and clear to add to cmyk. how these used is tlelled here but with Adobe tools. https://www.xerox.com/digital-printing/latest/XIPRG-02U.pdf i want do si,ilar thgings with Affinity Tools. Now with Photo and Publisher i dont yet have Designer if needed.
  6. Dropcaps when i use centering puts only small text part of middle of text field? i dreamed use this book name text but this makes sad. Luckily if i need single line text with this effect i can do it normal text but this exteneed way which looks diffferent when i have many text lines i cannot replace this way.
  7. MxHeppa

    Happy New Year 2020

    Thanks. what font use used?
  8. Of coure i can do file in prefered cmyk format but i think if they do better job what they say is better for their. and many my book visions are photo related much i mean good colors are important part of it.(some books little distortions in colours are not so bad thing).
  9. in Affinity Publisher pdf with rgb pictures but text and vector elements in cmyk ? printing company what i think recommend this.
  10. donut tool hole radios is always %. i tired enter 23mm but put back origial % ammount. luckily i get subtracting work. and i found way put photo in this donut. but generally it think i design donut shaped background stuff in Photo and put texts in Publisher. then i can work i think more flexible way. becouse subject is round i should do in high resolution. making this thing Publisher is hard becouse image must be correct way, i make design i must remebmer i dont but anything outside circle i mean. becouse of this i think best way do cd shaped image in photo.
  11. how convert black and white picture to transparent->black scale picture? if i want do intensity brush i understand i need such conversion. at least when i want remove paper element. i mean i think make some btushes in paper and scan therm.
  12. oops i posted fixed file. i try post something non fixe directly way gomes.

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