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  1. in this tjutorial talked drawing rectange with bitmap fill not available anymore? older version i have it but now i dont see it in filling options. https://affinityspotlight.com/article/watercolours-and-washes-raster-brushes-by-daub/
  2. At least here Gradient tool if there is only two points one is always white. of course i can do two colour gradient way make three color points where i put correct colours two of them and one of them comes place where this white is. then i get two color gradient for two colours what i want. is this normal if so why? sometimes i can remove this third point what is white but not always. i dont fully understand how this some how more complex but somehow more simple gradient (i miss few features other program like add noise to colour changes if is such thing is 100% you genare fully noise beetween these colours like white and black you get similar noise what you seen in analog tv i can maybe someday make samples such gradients) tool what i know.
  3. My cropping tries goed better when even for screenshot which single layer of course i used copy flattened not only copy. there is my settings i used Multiply all palces expect drawing this muted purple rectangle. this is at least nice way use these papers i dont yet understand even i tried what layer is what mode in original tutorial. now looks i understand this paper element (texture) should be overlay way. next learn this copy and paste menu.
  4. i dont anymore find fill layer and in area filling and filled shapes dont have option Bitmap anymore. Now i test reboot i helps.:)
  5. one way what i can use these papers is this (what i can use get niceresults but i dont know how correct this is to get real watercolor look even i use itself real ones). new project where i put rectangle of color what i want (paper color) and top of this i convert one papers to mask and use multiply method. and sub layer to this paper coloured rectable i paint my stuff. then if i use erase i get again original paper. and mixing colours this method i used even this place multiply. somehow i have something in my understanding in orginally way do things. somehow cutting stuff form photo with cutting tool dont work there is indeed something what i dont understand. try give soon picture what tells my settings. to use these papers at least one way.
  6. imean if i want process CMYK data i have CMYK parameters similar way and in LAB same. but in these modes i cannot access RGB chanels of course but only LAB Or CMYK or RGB.
  7. procedural texture is possible modify original pixel colour with this kind texture ? i mean use original colour part of formula? if yes how. and if not is indeed good and i think very likely easy thing add.
  8. this paper tutorial i think paint is mixed with multiply and in paper i use lighten? even looks dont correct one based theirt example i mean how their example look. makes me happy i think if someone lists what elements uses which mixing mode.
  9. i get part paper working i think but if which element paint goes? makes me sad when something so complex to my brains.
  10. i found it and to me gradient tool icon is not most clear. even these icons are bit small my eyes in 2560x1440 32inch display i hope theyr bigger icon set someday. now i try wrote their video how do to paper. becouse this method allow make colour papers. ps. i looked wrong menu as you see.
  11. yes know gradient should be set bitmap but there is no such option i can put screenshot if we talk same menu. and i think we talk becouse earlier older version i seen it. and i can use these papers in mask but this way i cannot use do yellow paper for example like their example where even non painted areas have paper texture. somehow i tried copy how they use them with no luck. i use Photo their video is made with Designer i unerstand methods are same even single menu item is different name. I am serious even marque tool dont cut image to clip board but after restarting works again. there is my rectange filling options in gradient side. i understanded and i think i even seen in older version this menu this option what we talk. looks like most recent versio has wierd problems compared version what i loaded trial and registred after this.
  12. there is this tutorial https://affinityspotlight.com/article/watercolours-and-washes-raster-brushes-by-daub/
  13. doed this bitmap filling these geometrical shapes before even manufacturer tutorial about using these daub watercolor bruhses talks about it.
  14. new fill layer allows at least sometimes use bitmap. but i cannot fill anymore gemoetrical shape with bitmap.
  15. new fill layer is very likely tool what i meaned but there is no always optio bitmap one time i get after rset it. also still in for example square drawing dont have optio bitmap.
  16. now looks i missunderstand but how i can do custom palette for custom palette based export?
  17. inksy streert 2 art brushes something odd or normal? some of these use different colour what i selected like: spray tag liner for example when i selected red is yellow when i selected yellow is green and so on bit hard use i think expect if there is some reason work this way. but some of these indeed are really useful looking. is not only one i understand dirty spray shader which generated some other colours what i selected. this is not bug report becouse i think i dont itself understand something. some these brushes are indeed useful. even i think used different way what theme says.:)
  18. Saddly i dont know what these parameters are in english.
  19. makes me think is possible do brush form own picture?
  20. Alfred: and this other makes little variants to selected like when i use purple i get redder and more blue parts as well actually this tool is nice some uses i can imagoine make thick thing with red and cut there heart for valentines day postcard for example.

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