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  1. Thanks, but on irregularly shaped subjects (that aren’t linear or spherical) it still looks faked. Rather than following the contours of the subject, the DOF Blur transitions are restricted to oval or linear. I actually used a combination of DOF and Field blur to make the illustration (although it’s not an entirely accurate representation). However, you are right - and I should amend the above comparison - it is essentially a depth of field blur. Although, instead of being limited to oval or linear transitions, I’d like to be able to manipulate and add nodes like you can a vector shape... and also, add extra transition points (paths) like the gradient fill tool.
  2. I’d like to request a blur tool that varies the degree of blur between paths. Much how contour lines on a map indicate altitude, the path would set the blur radius. Not to be confused with the path blur you get in photoshop; it’s closer to a field blur, but instead of radial points it uses vector paths. I really dislike using masks on blurs as it looks unconvincing. I’ve tried other methods for realistic focal depth on a 2d image (painting my own z-depth, multi layered blurs, etc) but they are quite a lot of effort to make. I feel this method would be the quickest and easiest if only it existed! If this tool already exists somewhere/anywhere, please let me know! I’ve tried to illustrate the idea below (excuse the lame character)...
  3. Haha, yeah I skipped a hell of a lot to get here. +1 for Find & Replace I wouldn’t even mind if global colours didn’t come to iPad for a good while - providing this suggested feature at least makes it to desktop first.
  4. This is a right chore! I’d like to see a feature that converts multiple colours in the palette AND in the document. I did a series of illustrations in AD on iPad, I used the same set of colours for each on separate artboards. Now, if I wanted to tweak the colour palette on desktop, not only do I have to convert them one by one into global colours, but then I have to reselect the corresponding colour in every fill, stroke and gradient node of every symbol and element of every illustration. Eeesh! Imagine if, when you convert a swatch to global, you had the option of automatically linking every matching colour in the document to that global swatch. ...For now, I’ll just be careful not to get too ambitious with the iPad app before I’ve nailed down the colour palette.
  5. spez

    Three Pages Spread

    I'd like to see this feature on the road map too! I was trying to figure out how to do 3+ page spreads as a quick way of creating panoramic Instagram layouts - it's easy enough with slice and export but I just thought it could be easier still if this functionality was in publisher. I understand it's still possible - using guides - to set up a 3+ page spread. However, re-arranging page order is a bit of a hassle when the section isn't actually a drag and drop, application recognised page.