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  1. Feature request for the VIGNETTE Live Filter: 1) adding a button to allow the user to locate/place/relocate the "centre of the vignette" would enhance workflow. 2) adding a slider to allow user to adjust the inner brightness of the vignette would enhance workflow. Thanks You!
  2. I too am learning about all the horsepower under Affinity's hood. After you completed the adjustments in the Tone Mapping Persona have you tried going to the Develop Persona and using the lens correction tools there?
  3. Thanks Jim. I won't even to pretend to understand what you said. :huh: At the end of the day, if all AP files sizes are multiple times the size of the RAW file, it eventually becomes a storage issue/concern.
  4. Thanks totoff & coranda. I'll drill a little deeper. I did a save, which gave me a file with an Affinity Photo file extension name that was 6 times the RAW file size. So obviously I need to learn a bit more.
  5. Just purchased AP, and have been going thru the video tutorials (which are helpful so far.) When opening a RAW file Making adjustments is fairly intuitive. ( )My question is when I'm done editing the RAW file to end the session to I click on the DEVELOP button (top right corner)? If yes, are the adjustments permanent (destructive) to the original RAW file? If yes, please advise how to make non permanent edits to the original RAW file. Do you see a RESET button in your future (ala LR)?

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