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  1. exploremoar

    Selecting colors

    Sorry to bring up an old thread but I agree, I cant see how this hasn’t been implemented in two years
  2. the ability to customize this would be awesome! I would personally love to be able to use the double tap function to switch between color swatches - for example, when masking, it would be helpful to quickly switch between black and white by double tapping the pencil.
  3. exploremoar

    iPad Pro 2018 Frequency Separation Issue

    do you think this will be fixed before you guys go on holiday?
  4. exploremoar

    ETA on Updates

    Hey I’m with you on this! It’s been almost two weeks, any word on an update??
  5. exploremoar

    iPad Pro 2018 Frequency Separation Issue

    hey has there been any update for this? its really become a roadblock not being able to use this filter... EDIT: ever since using the freq sep filter I am experiencing problems with all photos loading. There are blocks of pixels missing from files old and new. Please help lol
  6. Pretty necessary for color correction, I would love to see this feature in the iPad Pro version of affinity. I know its available in the desktop version. I also saw this as a feature request back in 2017 - devs, any updates?? Thank you guys!
  7. Photos has a new habit of crashing when I’m trying to load RAW files. Using an iPad Pro and importing from a sony a6500. At first the RAW (not even raw+JPEG files) are loading as PNGs in the regular persona. Now when I try loading the same file it crashes. Any ideas?
  8. exploremoar

    Only some RAW photos loading as RAW

    Im trying to upload RAW and now the program is crashing or freezing halfway everytime. Any suggestions??
  9. exploremoar

    Close all photos?

    Oh man thats crazy haha. I started a thread in the feature request section.
  10. Hello all, I have been developing hundreds of RAW photos in AP and its amazing, but after I’m done I have to go in and one by one close all of the images I’ve developed. I wish there were a way to close all of them with a single command, or perhaps a select option so that we could choose multiple to be closed. Thank you!
  11. exploremoar

    Close all photos?

    So I am using affinity for ipad pro, there is no file menu (or so I believe)
  12. exploremoar

    Only some RAW photos loading as RAW

    No need to apologize, but does this mean that the photos are not being sharpened when imported to affinity? Or they are but by apples standards and not affinity’s?
  13. exploremoar

    Close all photos?

    Hello! I have been opening hundreds of RAW images in affinity and closing them one by one takes some time...is there any way to close multiple at a time? Thanks!