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  1. That’s great for you - but unfortunately for those of us that are professional and need to colour correct to 10 and 245, a crucial and early part of the work flow, it is useless. They have stated that the iPad version has all the features of the desktop - and that is a lie.
  2. Is there anyway we can get an info panel added in the next update? If the developers don’t understand why its critical: Colour correction to 10 + 245 Shadows and highlight are tricky to colour correct accurately on an ipad - if your screen it too bright - it can trick you into think the highlights are blown out. Too dark, and your shadows look as though the have no detail. It’s frustrating that this is not available for ipad. We need this as photographers on the go that want to travel light and with their ipad. I’ve been waiting for this addition for years. Any word on when this might be available? I’ve searched the forums and this is not a new call to action, but there seems to be no response as to if this is an update that will ever come.
  3. I’m still waiting.... I love how they say everything that you can do in affinity desktop can be done on the ipad version, but that is not true. For any serious photographer or photo editor, the info panel is critical. I cannot recommend it until that is available.
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