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  1. Patrick, I've had email problems recently. Can you PM me on here instead and I'll share shipping details. It was me, right?
  2. Are you on the latest beta as well? I'll try the retail version when I get home to compare.
  3. Yup, that is with shadows at 1%. It gets much worse as you increase the shadows.
  4. Just tested retail 1.6.5 and it works fine so this is a definite issue with the current beta version.
  5. This is with the latest beta. I can try the retail version when I get home to compare.
  6. Thanks Lee. I'll share a copy tonight when I'm back home. I was using the PNG-24 preset and it definitely has transparency in AP as confirmed by the chequerboard background. Exporting via Share to Photos or normal export to Files and pull it back into AP using place image and it has a white background. May be something stupid I'm doing though.
  7. Is it possible to Export from AP iPad with transparency? I know we can import and use files with transparency but I have such a file that I have made some colour changes to and trying to export as a png with transparency but the background is saving as plain white.
  8. Okay, when increasing shadows in the develop persona in the latest beta, I’m getting a horrible sparkling effect as soon as I increase the shadow by 1. This affects raw files (NEF) as well as jpg. This doesn’t happen in the photo persona or when using other apps like Apple Photos or RAW Power. Screens attached but this only seems to affect black images such as this moon shot.
  9. Yup, shadows is a huge improvement over the previous version in develop with results more similar to the Photo persona. Good job. Highlights does seems to affect mid tones a little more than I would like so you need to be very conservative with its use.
  10. An old topic but I wanted to update it as I had a similar question. Uncompressed RAW files from X-T20 are supported in iOS 11. Compressed RAW files are not supported according to the Apple Support site.
  11. Just to add to this thread, I was doing work on an image at the weekend and trying to judge the feather on the selection so I could apply a blur to the background to isolate the foreground subject. This inability to get any sense of how the feather looks is a real problem imho. I need to set the feather then select a blur and set the amount then review the output then undo the blur and redo the feather and repeat until I am happy. Sure, it is possible to do it in this trial and error way but the simple ability to see the resultant feather in a mask would make life so much easier and save time.
  12. There is always Macphun’s alternative...
  13. Both apps are a bargain imho. Crazy post by the OP.
  14. Yes, that always worked fine for me. I was testing if it was possible to drag multiple files onto one of the icons such as new stack, new hdr etc.
  15. If you tap + on home screen to create a new document or import images then drag an image from Photos app, AP will crash. 1.6.5 App Store version on iOS 11.