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  1. Yeah, split-screen would be great for learning with the tutorials or the help!
  2. Affinity Photo is a great app on the iPad and on Windows, but working together with both platforms is not so easy. You could use iCloud to sync your files, but it is very slow when working with large files and regular changes. Therefore it would be nice to be able to access file servers (FTP or SMB) directly inside the Affinity Photo App. This feature would be very cool and I would also pay something for this feature as an In-App-Transaction.
  3. This bug was also in Version 1.8.2, but in the actual version 1.8.3 on my iPad Air 3 (2019) (iPad OS 13.4) it is still there. I cannot export my Affinity projects, the file size of the export is 0.00 bytes and I cannot save the file because there is no file. This error only occurs when I try to export with a higher resolution than for example 7000 pixels height. It seams like the export fails when the exported project is larger than ... megapixels. When I choose a smaller resolution, I works.
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