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  1. Any news? The post from Dan C is from April 30, 2018 and it looks like the issue is still not solved. I tried to edit a photo using the Apple Photos Extension but failed as I receive the same error message.
  2. Thanks for your support. Using the Rasterise function it´s working. I dragged the mask outside the layer and after using the Inpainting Tool I dragged it back again. Now I only need to learn when it makes sense to use Rasterise as I never heard from it before
  3. If I select the "Place Image" with the mask layer below it is still not working :-(
  4. O.K. I´m not a Pro in photo editing and are currently trying to understand how layers etc. are working but... What I´m doing wrong on the attached Picture while trying to repair something in the green grass area? On the screenshot the layer mask is selected but it makes no difference when I select the Pixel layer "PlaceImage" No Problem at all to repair something on the Background. Thx. in advance for your Support, Michael
  5. Great! Many thanks for your prompt Support. I thought that I will find it somewhere in the layers Studio as I wanted to invert a layer ;-)
  6. How is it possible to invert e. g. an adjustment layer to paint in a needed effect using the brush tool? What I found is how to add an adustment layer and to erase the effect from a specific area. Regards and thx. for your Support.
  7. Good morning, after I did some tests with Affinity Photo on my iMac I decided to wait for the new iPad Version. Bought now Affinity Photo for iPad and a new 12,9" iPad Pro :-) However, I´m missing the Support to edit Photos from within the Apple Photos App using the Extension function. Also when using Affinity Photos and opening photos from Apples Photos (iCloud) from the App there is only a very small PopUp to open a photo. Hopefully there will be a better / bigger overview in the future. I´m handling all my photos with Apples Photo App (>40k photos) and it will be tricky to find a photo Please integreate the function to "overwrite" an already existing photo with the edited one keeping the possibility to reset changes later on. This was one of the most interesting functions for me using Affinity Photo on my iMac as I don´t need to Keep duplicates (edited and non edited Versions) Hope I could make clear what I´m missing and looking forward for your comments and hopefully improvements with the next update. Thx., Michael
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