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  1. I'm another looking for DDS support. The new MS Flight Simulator 2020 requires DDS textures so I need to stick to Photoshop to export my work for this sim.
  2. Any word from Affinity team on this? It seems like an important feature than needs to be added.
  3. Another vote for BMP export support. I’m working on textures for a game franchise where the SDK requires 24bit BMP files. I can do all the necessary editing of the PSD templates In Affinity Photo but need to export as PSD and switch to desktop to use an app like Photoshop or GIMP to be able to prepare the BMP files.
  4. Try editing the shortcut and changing the target application to another photo editor you have installed and see if that works. If so, then try changing back to Affinity Photo and test again. Did you ever have the beta of Affinity Photo installed?
  5. Yes, from the export page, select share at the bottom left and you have options to save to files and save image which saves to photos.
  6. No, because Affinity imports the image. You need to export the result back to Photos as a new image. You can of course then delete the original image.
  7. Apologies, you need to have it set up in the shortcuts app first. You can then use this method to add support for any editing app - see screens attached. It’s important to select the Accepts image option in the shortcut setup so the shortcut only shows up when viewing images. Literally takes less than a min to set up the shortcut but I’ve added a link to the shortcut here: https://www.icloud.com/shortcuts/84bf6ea23f4e49eebe63385e13322935
  8. If you are using iPadOS then you have this simple solution: Find your image(s) in Apple Photos. Tap share sheet. Scroll to the bottom of the list of available actions and you will find ‘Open in Affinity Photo’. This will launch AP and import your selected image, ready for editing. @Teddylours This should provide exactly what you are looking for - use Photos to browse your images and Affinity to edit.
  9. I'm hoping this is up there as one of, if not the highest priority fix for the iPad. I haven't seen any new beta versions of late so no idea if there is a fix in progress.
  10. It’s documented on the google support forums but I have since found that it only applies to certain camera makes. I have found it works okay with my Sony RAW files but not Fuji even though these are both supported by iOS.
  11. You will need to open an image first then go to document icon which is second in from the top left and select assistant. The option will then be near the bottom right. As for Snapseed, I’m surprised you are getting the development tool to come up as that is a known bug.
  12. Ok. Hopefully this is something that is addressed soon as it will cause a real issue for those with a lower capacity device.
  13. Gabe, I tried this this today after removing around half of my images in AP and noticing it still showed the app using nearly 6gb - same as before removing the images. Anything else we can try?
  14. It may be worth disabling the apply tone curve option as well under settings which may then give you similar results to Snapseed before you start editing. What iPad and iOS version do you have because I believe there is an issue with Snapseed opening RAW files currently in iOS so you may not actually be working on the RAW file in Snapseed which could also explain the difference - do you get the RAW module in Snapseed or just the regular editing tools? I like Snapseed as an editor and you can get some great results quickly but if you want to spend more time on your edits, it's hard to beat Affinity Photo - there is just more of a learning curve to get the best out of it imho. On the above examples, it appears to me that you need to 'develop' your images carefully first in AP before further editing whereas in Snapseed you are probably working on a JPG or other internally processed version without the need to develop first which may explain all this as you are not getting the full flexibility of the RAW file.
  15. Something that may be related to this. I was transferring some AP files from my old iPad Pro to a new one. I used the Files app to airdrop around 5 AP files to the new iPad and as soon as the transfer was complete, AP opens automatically but then crashes. I open it back up and the files are not in there but checking my disk space, around an additional 5GB is now being used by AP - the files were clearly there but I couldn't access them in the app even though I could see them in the Files app on the new iPad. I thought I would delete AP and reinstall it but I didn't realise that process would also delete the AP folder in Files so I lost the lot. The losing of the files I put down to Apple's Files app implementation. Transferring the files one by one via Airdrop does work though so I'm assuming the initial crash was the app trying to open multiple files.
  16. I have an issue with the current iPad version of Photo. This is on 2018 Pad Pro 11. If you import a photo shot in portrait orientation and do some work then use the undo history brush, it brushes back in from a copy of the same image that is on it's side making a mess of the image. This was with a Fuji RAW file but I tried it with a portrait orientation photo taken on the iPad and the same issue occurs. Images shot in landscape orientation work fine, only portrait orientation is affected. The image initially imports in the correct portrait orientation. This may be related to another bug - if you import some portrait orientation images into a new stack, once in Photo the images are on their side in landscape instead of correctly in portrait orientation. Again, this affects all portrait images including those shot with the iPad. Landscape orientation photos import correctly. It's as if the orientation flag is being ignored during these operations and it doesn't matter the orientation of the iPad while editing. I checked the likes of HDR and Focus merges and they are unaffected.
  17. I would like to see the option of switching betweybthe last two used tools. I was hoping this is how it work by default because I may be erasing some content then wish to quickly use the undo brush to brush back in some of what I have deleted then continue erasing and switching back and forth between both tools as I refine what I am doing. Using the last two tools used also allows us to switch this in the fly by selecting two different tools from the side tray then using the double tap to switch between then as necessary.
  18. Full size at this time unfortunately but it may be worth requesting this from Apple as a feature request for their RAW support - https://www.apple.com/feedback/ipad.html
  19. Would love to see this as well - either as a full editor or a subset of the tools such as Inpainting etc. much like the Mac version has.
  20. Hi, it seems this is still an issue with RAW files. I realise it probably isn’t a priority issue but will it still be addressed at some point?
  21. Are there any plans for Batch Processing or similar file management for the iPad? I just think if we want to work on a number of images and then move them on, we need some kind of batch processing e.g. to select a few images and export them with a preset such as file dimensions, watermark etc.
  22. Are there any plans for Photos Extension on iPad? Would make a huge difference to how we can work with images.
  23. Another vote for this. The ability to use AP as an extension for iPad Photos would make up for some of the deficiencies in file management in AP.
  24. Yes, I’ve seen this video. It’s a good technique but you are limited to how many images you can capture before trails will start to appear once stacked. You are also more or less forced to use a higher ISO to start with introducing extra noise that you are trying to defeat in the first place. It’s all a balancing act I guess but star alignment would be a great addition imho.
  25. There are some stacking options in AP but I would love to see star stacking for astrophotography that would automate star alignment. Is this something that could be implemented?
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