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  1. Initially from the App Store I believe. what is frustrating is my MacBook Pro showed the update and updated fine. My desktop is not showing the update in the App Store.
  2. I have Photo and Designer. I run Catalina on both my desktop and my laptop. These apps showed up to be updated on my laptop but the apps don't show up to be updated ever on my Desktop. I have rebooted. What can I do? Thanks, -John
  3. @Patrick Connor I understand. Thank you for your time to add some input from someone at Serif. Yes, I know this subject hasn't been discussed in some time but maybe it's time now to discuss it with Serif staff. We would greatly appreciate you bringing it to the table at the appropriate meeting. My background and training are actually in software development and support so I appreciate your position. Regards, -John
  4. @MattyWS Thank you so much for your supportive comments. I think I would much rather hear from Serif on this than some of the other comments by people who do not work for them. What do you say Serif?
  5. @R C-R I am curious. Do you work for Serif? @R C-R So we as consumers and customers don't have a right to provide our input, needs and concerns to Serif for a product we are supporting. That we should in your opinion just shut up and take what we get without out any comment, suggestion or point of view? In your world we should just abandon our support monetarily and just go use something else, walking away from the expense? Why, because you don't like us posting our point of view in a the forum or you personally don't think our point of view is "worthy" of our input here.? This is what I get from your comment. Although I completely support your right to that point of view, I can not defend it. I can not characterize the support of a file format as "bloat" or "baggage". I do not agree that some common features with other application excludes Affinity from still being uniquely poised in the industry. Uniqueness of the product does not in my opinion dictate some arbitrary minimalistic approach to the use case. This is clearly demonstrated by Affinity providing some unique features that surpass (not replace) other applications. I also can not agree that adding the .tga format would break Serif's bank in some way. Again, If you agree with Serif's opinion that the format is not a fit, fine. You are of course entitled to that point of view. Many of us simply do not agree and the fact that if we do not agree, that somehow invalidates our reasons for disagreeing with you. Our hope (those who are asking Serif to include .tga formats) is that Serif will at some point listen to our opinion with a response to meet our request. We respectfully reserve the right to make our opinions know and defend them. It's up to Serif to make the decision to respond.
  6. Maybe loyalty was the wrong word to use. I apologize to all who I seem to have offended. I really want to see a formidable challenge to PS and AI and I will continue to support Affinity. I have paid for the apps in the past and if there are any paid updates, I will buy them. They are paid for installs on my computer and my iPad I do it as my vote of confidence in Affinity. For me, I will likely continue to use PS and AI as my main "go to" apps until the Affinity apps get to where I can use them as my main programs. As the Affinity apps get better and better, Adobe gets worse in so many ways. I am confident it will happen some day that I will feel it's time to make the "full switch" as I would like. I guess for me, unfortunately, with PS and AI for my workflow and requirements, I seem to not need to make "other stops" still while using them. Again, my sincere apologies for bruising anyone's sensibilities. I feel appropriately "pounced upon". Cheers
  7. Patrick, Indeed, that is the point! Why if we are going to commit to Affinity for these apps, and customer loyalty is a key factor, should those who need .tga have to go to another app just for this? I appreciate the input though because you are making the point very well :)
  8. Because I use that format in some online creation in a virtual world I work in sometimes. There are still uses for the format but yeah, they are very specific indeed.
  9. We really do want to save files in TGA sometimes. PS has done it forever
  10. Ok. Very weird but I tried directly downloading into photo again and it worked for all three bonuses. I have not idea why it didn’t work earlier today. Thanks
  11. I am trying to install the bonuses but when I try to send them to my iPad, it says "sent" but they do not appear on my iPad. When I try to import, there is nothing in recent. I install and import with all kinds of other apps but I am perplexed with this one. Help is appreciated.
  12. Ok. Yeah it seems this is missing with the other versions also. A very rude entry requirement that makes for a very difficult process to use photo for things that we need to use a particular color scheme for from an outside source. While I applaud and appreciate all the hard work on Photo, this seems like an odd ability to not support from the get go. Regards, -John
  13. Is there a way to select color values with hex and save them to a pallet?
  14. I do large shoots such as social events and weddings. I want to be able to sit down with my client and look through images they want me to further process. I used Photos last time and even though I don't mis Photoshop really, I was missing Bridge. I have been looking at a few of these "DAM"s. I don't want a DAM that is also an editor. I have Affinity for that ;) Meanwhile, I expect AF-DAM to be some time away :D What I wanted was to categorize, sort, create manual and smart albums without copying the files to yet another location UNLESS I wanted to. I wanted to be able to export files in different formats from the original, but I usually use RAW format. I am still on the start of my 60 trial, but this looks like the kind of thing I was looking for. It's basic yet featured enough. It renders images fast. It's not integrated to open my choices in AFP but I can select - drag - drop into AFP. Good enough for now I think. Anyone else tried this one? Do you see any major issues for an app that is only $60? Please let me know!
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