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  1. Running Capitan 10.11. Tried about 10 times to open it, it either crashes outright or all I get is the logo. This was an upgrade for me from The Apple App store.
  2. When I select the Gradient Tool, and click on the image, the image disappears. Here is what I wrote down as instructions from the video. Open image Add pixel layer (Colours then layers panel) Select gradient tool When I click inside the image to use the Gradient tool, then the image disappears.
  3. Mbd........I got the 9.5 and with that you get the 10 included in late fall. Its so cheap at $90 compared to anything else that can do all these things that I thought it a deal. Because I am new to Perfect Photo I thought it a nice touch to include a video series to move you along quickly in assimilating the program. I also have Ps; so I do several things when working with Affinity. Sometimes I save it as a psd. in Affinity so I can finish the graphic off in Ps with effects that Affinity is currently missing. But if you save the Affinity as a jpeg and an Affinity file then you have so
  4. I want to thank everyone for their suggestions. I decided on On1 Perfect Photo Suite and I couldn't be happier. It does everything I could have ever wanted - in actuality it functions as a mini-version of Ps, I can re-touch, use special effects, and re-size to my hearts content. They have a wonderful customer service and answered my questions promptly (email) and even more, were very friendly and out-going. It doesn't handle Affinity Image format and On1 said they don't plan to do that in the near future - but I always save my work as a jpeg anyway so it shows up in On1 just fine.
  5. I downloaded the trial version of Lyn. This is what I didn't find - unless other people would like to know before they also download it. (a) only will show size of image if you do a sort . It won't show my external drive images © won't preview in viewer any Affinity images formats (d) no import feature (e) no resizing feature. I stopped there- it is too feature-less for my use.
  6. It depends on what you are really asking. Are you asking can people use this in all its aspect of technology, have mastered all the intricacies of the program? Or are you asking is it a program that only absolute professionals would use? Or are you asking what people use Photoshop for? As there are already a lot of postings here from camera RAW people I will answer this question as a more than normal user for graphics. I do work for my spiritual organization - creating Visualizations and videos. In most instances I am taking a already created outside image and making changes to it - it
  7. What is everyone using as an alternative to Photoshop Bridge? I have canceled my Photoshop subscription but have to the end of month to find an alternative to Bridge. I am just a normal user, not a pro so I don't want to spend an arm and a leg for a program, but yet I need a good program that can do extended searches that can be narrowed down to a specific keyword or subject.
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