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  1. Yeah, I’m getting this too. I can infer a LUT but any pre-saved ones are greyed out no matter which format they’re saved in.
  2. Likewise. If anything v1.7.1 seems to have exacerbated the issue.
  3. Not yet, no. Seems to have gone a bit quiet. I switched from the iPad Air 2 to the iPad Pro thinking it might be my hardware, but I still get the crash even in the recent update to 1.7.1 and on the Pro.
  4. Hi Gabriel, Many thanks for for your help. Please see attached, I hope this is what you’re after. Cheers, Affinity Reports.zip
  5. Okay, video attached along with a test document where I’m getting this error. One thing I have noticed, the two documents where I get the crash both have Legacy White Balance and Curves Adjustments layers. I have managed to successfully use the Refine Selection tool on a document without these layers, albeit a bit slow. I don’t know if these layers have anything to do with the problem but they are the only common thing across both documents. Cheers 38387B39-9264-4953-9A95-089EA72D8216.MP4 Gnocchi.afphoto
  6. Hi @GabrielM Many thanks for your reply. I’ve just tried this in a new test document and get the same results - I make a selection, go to refine selection tool, adjust as necessary, and when I select output as new layer with mask and apply, I get the crash. Cheers
  7. Hi, I’m getting a crash on iPad Air 2 running iOS 12.3.1 with Affinity Photo 1.7 whenever I use the Refine Selection tool. No matter what I do in Refine Selection, when I select the output as “new layer with mask” and hit apply it waits for a short moment then crashes. Attached a screen recording. Any help would be most appreciated! EEB53AA0-AA5E-41F4-81BE-9D429CD80294.MP4
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