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  1. Yes, I can view them and open them in files. Thanks though!
  2. The files don't appear on Dropbox or Google Drive from the app either.
  3. Most of my LUTs in iCloud drive are grayed out in version but they all show up in the Beta version 1.7.2. I see that this is a problem for several people. Is there a fix in the works, please? Update: now the LUTs are not showing up in the Beta 1.7.2 version. I've tried everything I can possibly think of.
  4. BeverlyE

    1.7.2 lagging terrible!

    The lag seems to be widespread over the whole app. When I try to open a photo or perform any action on it the lag is just awful. Occasionally the whole app will crash and I lose the work I was just doing. I have deleted most of the completed works in my app gallery to see if that would speed things up. It doesn't but it does speed up the saving of my current work. If I close the app and start again it usually is better, at least for awhile. It's very frustrating. I don't think I've had this issue until recently.
  5. After the latest update the Affinity Photo iPad is lagging terribly at times and other times just flat out freezing. It's SO frustrating! After restarting my iPad it will work again for awhile and then it starts again.
  6. I've bought quite a few brushes that will not install on Affinity Photo iPad and I don't know why. The file type is .abr so why won't they import? Artstudio has no problems with them but I MUCH prefer Affinity Photo iPad and don't want to have to keep going in and out of other apps.
  7. BeverlyE

    flickering on latest version

    Callum, I was able to get a recording of the flickering tonight. Watch the full 15 seconds please. RPReplay-Final1563673066.MP4
  8. BeverlyE

    flickering on latest version

    Callum, I will try. When I am recording to try to capture the flickering it doesn't do it but then when I'm not recording it does. :-\ The scrolling through my camera roll seems choppy today--not smooth as it usually is or was.
  9. I have the newest update and the newest iPad Pro. Lately I have had a lot of flickering as I'm scrolling through photos and now it flickers after I've stopped scrolling. This is when I'm choosing photos to work on or for layers. It does not happen every time.
  10. Chris, I've found Convert Document and it says I'm using 8 bit. So that's not the problem.
  11. I'm not familiar with that. :-\ I import jpgs or pngs and don't convert anything. I've not changed the way I'm working. It just started with the latest update.
  12. Chris B, No it is not image specific. I just restarted my iPad and if I hold the color picker down for a couple of seconds it will move to a different location but there is a huge lag and it won't go just anywhere. It's like it jumps. Very frustrating. I restart my app frequently. In this screen recording I'm gliding my Apple Pencil on the iPad. I'm not picking it up and resampling. RPReplay-Final1561554067.MP4
  13. When I try to use the eye dropper tool to select a color inside my layer the round selection icon refuses to go past the outer edge. I've tried multiple times and it won't work. There is no problem with this in the latest Beta version and I have never had an issue until the latest update. RPReplay-Final1561500176.MP4
  14. BeverlyE

    Refine selection crash

    The newest update 1.7.1 has fixed this issue with the selection and crashes.

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