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  1. In addition to a light interface, having the text that labels an art board be made larger would also help. It is so small that it’s extremely difficult to read.
  2. I agree with you on this. The dark interface is very difficult for my nearly 60 year old eyes (that have been bad since birth).
  3. I've been away, but I'm pleased to say that for PDFs exported from Designer, the problem was fixed with the update.
  4. I just discovered that when I export a PDF from Designer, it creates a "title" of the page which is the file path to where I save it and this is embedded in the PDF. I can get rid of it by opening Acrobat and removing it, but that is cumbersome. I don't want people seeing this information on publicly distributed PDFs. I've attached a screen shot of the "Properties" panel in Acrobat which shows the title attached with the PDF when exported from Designer.
  5. Perhaps I'm missing it somehow, but is there a way to either make quotation marks and apostrophes "smart" or "typographers" instead of the default?
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