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    Adjusting printed image size

    There’s a reason it says “newbie” up there by my name. This is just about my first use of AF. Thanks whether you can figure out what I’m doing wrong, or even if you can’t
  2. don starns

    Adjusting printed image size

    No. It’s shrunken. I am stymied. It’s potentially a very good replacement for Photoshop, otherwise. I am pulling out what little hair I have remaining over this.
  3. don starns

    Adjusting document size

    If I create a new document, it prints in the correct size. An imported photo prints about one quarter size. I’ve tried everything I can think of to chyange it, but nothing has any effect. What have I done to cause this, or is it possibly a bug?
  4. The app is driving me nuts. I’ve printed dozens of pages, but no images were the correct size. I’ve re-sized and re-scaled over and over. Nothing works. I have read every post on this forum that refers to document size and have found no answers. I am stuck.
  5. don starns

    Adjusting document size

    Direct from the app. Paper is 11x8.5. Other apps print fine. I must’ve inadvertantly changed some setting while fooling around in the settings.
  6. I cannot adjust the document size and have it print full page. I resize the document to 3200x2400 pixels at 300 dpi, but the printed size is about 5 by 3.5 inches. A solution eludes me.