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  1. Yes, and here is the missing link: how-to-print-custom-sizes-and-margins
  2. Just save your image to a cloud service and import it from there. Dropbox for instance works very well in this regard. Here is a link to Dropbox, where you can sign up for free. Sign up for free and get 500 MB extra It is my affiliate link and you get 500 MB extra for free (and me too!).
  3. Apple Shows some new developer videos for iOS 11. This one here is interesting on behalf of the problem that we cannot see the *.afphoto files in the Files App. Imho they are stored in the false directory or AP gives no access to these files for the Files-App.
  4. When you just updated this is no longer called a beta. It is with nearly 2 GByte the so called "Golden Master". Unless some heavy bugs are found in the next couple of days this will be the release version. So now the developers of every app that is not working as intended can go to work. If the "locations"-button on the file-export-dialog is left out by accident or by intention this should be clarified with Apple. Just my 2 cents The latest update from today of the Dropbox-App (reading full support for iOS 11) doesn't help with the import problem either. As the file selector box disappears with reading "loading" and AP is not importing, imho the fault lays here by AP.
  5. Just updated my iPad Pro 2015 to iOS 11 Public Golden Master. NO Locations button in „save a copy“ dialog! Just „on my iPad“ and „iCloud“. There are NO other Clouds possible for this function. This is a huge regression from iOS 10.3.3. Also still no import from Dropbox possible. Selection of file is possible, but then nothing happens. I‘m no longer impressed from iOS 11, because if the locations (other clouds) are removed by intend and will of Apple, this is just not nice in any sense.
  6. Here we are talking about iPads and specially about the newer ones capable of running AP for iPad. And regarding my iPad Pro 12,9 from 2015 i can say that this the best iOS for this device ever, even in its current form of iOS 11 public beta 9. i‘ll never go back to iOS 10.3.3 with this device.
  7. And here nothing changed too. NO IMPORT from Dropbox!
  8. I just want to add the information, that nothing has changed regarding the missing „locations“ button in the latest iOS public beta 9 from this week.
  9. Here ist the official way to join the beta test:
  10. I‘m on the latest Version of iOS 11 public beta from today latest Dropbox-App latest AP for iPad TestFlight beta and suddenly no more Import from Dropbox possible! File selection works but then no import!
  11. Here ist the official way to join the beta test:
  12. No, that is the cancel-button. (Abbrechen in german=cancel) it should be the right button, but this is disabled.
  13. I‘m still not able to store/copy *.afphoto files to any of my cloud storages! I have installed: - dropbox - box - google drive - amazon drive - magenta cloud - dscloud (synology) etc. I‘m able to open/import files from there, but NO way back. I‘m not using iCloud Drive and never will so.
  14. No, it‘s a new standard. It‘s developed to overcome the old jpeg format. New hard and software give new opportunities. see:
  15. I want to help beta-testing. Any chance getting a test-flight? I‘m already beta testing AP for iPad.