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  1. I think it would help us and the developers if you would say which Version of AP on iPad (App-Store or TestFlight-Beta) you use and on which iPad with which iOS-version. See f.i. my information in my signature.
  2. This setting is under: Settings-privacy-analytics-share with developers
  3. Today with i could‘t Open this file again and i detected a possible Memory leak as my iPad interrupted the loading process due a Löw memory error. AP photo used over 6 GByte for Data! (Prior and afterwards only 1,9 GByte). This should be suspicios!
  4. Yes, it opens on iOS 11 Public beta on iPad Pro 12,9 (2015) on AP iPad (TestFlight beta)It needed 13 minutes to open up. Imho a progress indicator would be very helpful if a task will run that long.
  5. I‘m using App-Store Version 1.6.3 on iPad Pro 12,9 (2015) on iOS 11 Public Beta and can Import from OneDrive.
  6. I‘m curious about who speaks in these tutorial videos and where is the speaker coming from? I like it and as coming from Germany i understand it very good. Good Job!
  7. Affinity Photo for iPad does not load a PDF which Affinity Photo for Mac does. For your further Investigation: Where should i upload this file to? (Not to the public) It‘s complex Multi-Page and about 56,9 MByte.
  8. Which version is that? If it is 1.6.2 then try to update to 1.6.3 which was released in the App Store today.
  9. Stable 1.6.3 from today works for me as intended with the brushtool on iOS 11 Public Beta.
  10. Same for me as i don‘t use iCloud.Only possible solution for me with 1.6.3 Beta 5 ist to export and use the Share Button down left. Even AirDrop works then. But i don‘t see any possible solution for the native .afphoto format as it is not available for export. We have to wait for the 1.6.4 as this should work with iOS 11.