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  1. Just save your image to a cloud service and import it from there. Dropbox for instance works very well in this regard. Here is a link to Dropbox, where you can sign up for free. Sign up for free and get 500 MB extra It is my affiliate link and you get 500 MB extra for free (and me too!).
  2. I want to help beta-testing. Any chance getting a test-flight? I‘m already beta testing AP for iPad.
  3. With this picture I would recommend to select the more or less monolithic background, dubble tap with two fingers and invert selection.
  4. Yes, same for me. (Using last Beta There is something wrong.
  5. The only difference i know of is that iOS executes some cpu-intensive background tasks only when a charger is connected. One of them is the local face recognition and categorizing of photos. This is a cpu and memory burner for shure. In past times I heard of a known error that this sometimes didn‘t come to an end due to a corrupted photo. Another is listening for „hey Siri“ on your 2015 iPad is only working when a charger is connected. But it should not use so much ressources afaik.
  6. Maybe you are a good candidate for participating in the beta test of AP for iPad. its really easy and is described here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/41764-affinity-photo-for-ipad-customer-beta/
  7. A moderator can join the threads and move it to the right place. In my opinion this should be the iPad beta forum part, because it is not solved in the current beta and they should look at it. just my 2 cents
  8. Yes, I have the same issue on iOS 11 public beta 3 with TestFlight Beta. Only the last option of the three works. But this thread should be moved to the iPad beta forum.
  9. Well done! And please keep posting your findings as detailed as you've done before!
  10. @Donka If you go around this memory leak with saving the file you could try to set the autosave interval to the minimum of 60 seconds as a workaround till the bug is resolved.
  11. Works for me as intended. I‘m using the current beta test version on iOS 11 public beta (from last week), see my signature.
  12. Participating in beta testing of Affinity Photo for iPad is as easy as writing an email. Because the only thing to do is to write a message. just do it.
  13. No, must be related to your Router/WiFi-Situation, Settings, WiFi-neighborhood or Hardware. Apps can‘t interfere WiFi on iPads.
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