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  1. Trying to make new document from clipboard with the small chunk of svg attached (clipboard.svg) crashes Affinity Designer 1.6.1 (1.6.7) repeatedly. Mac crashlog attached. The SVG specifies three gradients. Affinity Designer_2018-12-19-114157_iFusion.crash clipboard.svg
  2. Okay, I have been able to make it work, but it's sensitive to the UTI of what's on the clipboard. Looks like it has to be 'text/html'...'text/plain' will not work.
  3. One of my favorite features of Affinity Designer on Mac is that if you have valid SVG on the clipboard, you can paste it into a Designer image and it comes in as perfect vectors--colors, groups, names, everything. A wonderful feature! So far, I haven't been able to convince Affinity Designer on iPad to do the same. is it me? Is it an unimplemented feature? If so, would you consider adding it? Thanks. It's very very useful.
  4. I agree that having OpenType-SVG support in Designer and Photo would be very useful. +1 from me as well!
  5. jcburns

    1966 Batmobile (AD)

    beautifully done; a great appreciation of a classic design.
  6. I will buy the alcoholic beverage of the developer's choice (next time I'm in the UK) for the fine human who puts the default-to-Arial font choice OUT of its misery. Please, oh please.
  7. jcburns

    Crashes upon opening PDF

    This may not be good news, but that file opens great on Affinity Designer Beta 1.6.0 beta 7, and Affinity Photo Beta 1.6.4 beta 4 (both on the Mac.)
  8. Yeah Peter, but Transmit does NOT let you access the .afphoto files held 'within' the app--the black box. Same problem. And yes, I'm using SFTP and Transmit like crazy. And Panic's desktop Transmit, by the way is especially nice because it supports a lot of the cloud protocols—like Dropbox, Box.net, Amazon S3, and so on, so tossing files around there is better too. But again, NONE of that helps with The Black Box. (I'll start capitalizing it.) I'm thinking Affinity Serif needs to support what's called App File Sharing (so you can see and access them from, for example, the Apps tab in iTunes) in ADDITION to the otherwise fine export capabilities. That also gives you a better read on what you have—okay, i have 20 files, and most of them are less than 20 MB each, but THIS one is huge--I can and should delete that one (after backing it up elsewhere.) Having the filesizes listed in Photo's files view window (or in a popup, or in the list view version) would also be useful.
  9. I know that layer effects come out of the land of Photoshop compatibility, but I'd like to propose a new one which would create unlimited-size "long shadows'--solid, not offset dropshadows extending in whatever direction from a type or shape layer. There are workarounds for this, but most involve rasterizing the type (so if you change the kerning, you have to go back through again.) How about it?
  10. Although the range of picker types you have is quite wonderful, I'm used to working with HSB/V (Brightness or Value) instead of HSL (for lightness.) It's a common way of specifying colors especially in the land of video. HSL is a similar user experience, but there are a lot of times where it just makes sense to think of 100% brightness (which, to get the same RGB value, somehow works out to 50% lightness.) (And as you probably know, Adobe Photoshop's picker has HSB, not HSL.) This website does a great job of dynamically showing the difference: http://colorizer.org Would you consider adding this option to Designer/Photo/Photo for iPad? Thanks.
  11. Can you point me to some documentation where you KNOW FOR SURE they are "downsized versions of full sized bucket, brush etc drawings"? Or is this merely your opinion, your educated guess? And if it's your educated guess, please allow for the possibility you might be in error, and maybe reflect on the number of posts in this topic that may have a different take on it than you...?
  12. MEB, thanks for welcoming me, but I've been here quite a long time. And yes, you've restated my question. And I'm well aware of how to manage iCloud Drive files, thanks. What I was trying to generate was a discussion of how to deal with the files within the app--when you have dozens inside, it has a couple of problematic effects...you end up with a large amount of "black box" storage--storage you can't really assess, without more functionality. I certainly understand that this is the initial release. I'm just trying to make sure that we don't go too far down the road thinking the "black box" approach is good enough. When you have a ton of files inside the app, it isn't. I was also trying to get some sense of why the developers decided NOT to implement app file sharing with the initial release.
  13. As I begin to accumulate lots and lots of files in Affinity Photo for iPad, I'm wondering if there is any way to look at the files and edit them in bulk--delete them, display their filesize, or easily archive/batch export them as .afphoto files (I know that iOS 11 will change--improve?-- some of this.) The app doesn't support 'App file sharing' where we can see and add to/delete files in iTunes...I guess I'm just wondering what the suggested workflow is (short and long term) when you have dozens of .afphoto files in the app.
  14. I disagree with 'Orphydian.' I'm happy with the simplicity, the subtle use of color of the Affinity Photo icons. They don't at all feel like clip art to me.
  15. It's kinda distressing to see a thousand nitpicks on this forum. Let me share my experience (which dates back to the Quantel Paintbox in the 1980s through EVERY version of Photoshop through 2016.) This app is amazing. Beautifully done. Great UI design. Embraces the limitations of Apple's locked down ecosystem without being shackled by it. It was the first app I loaded on a brand new iPad Pro 10.5 —and it may well be that solid hardware is a big part of the equation. I didn't even try to load it on our still quite functional iPad Air 2, because it only has 16GB of storage and we constantly have to offload stuff to keep going. After installing the Mac beta of Affinity Photo, I was able to round-trip project files painlessly. Amazing. I can open up layered Photoshops from the distant past. SVG support is terrific (and yeah, I'll be in line for Affinity Designer on the iPad too.) This app serves up the excitement I had when I first used Photoshop. I can't give it any higher compliment. Don't stop now!