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  1. I want to help beta-testing. Any chance getting a test-flight? I‘m already beta testing AP for iPad.
  2. With this picture I would recommend to select the more or less monolithic background, dubble tap with two fingers and invert selection.
  3. Yes, same for me. (Using last Beta There is something wrong.
  4. Afaik it is auto-saving the current document every x seconds. You can set the interval by adjusting it in settings on the first screen. Combining this with the history of steps this should give you the safety you need. You can save a copy of your work every time you think you‘ve made a major step.
  5. Your wife has to find the App in the App-Store as your purchased item and can then download it. Please refer to the Apple instructions for familiy sharing of purchased items. https://www.apple.com/icloud/family-sharing/
  6. This setting is under: Settings-privacy-analytics-share with developers
  7. I‘m curious about who speaks in these tutorial videos and where is the speaker coming from? I like it and as coming from Germany i understand it very good. Good Job!
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