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  1. I have been copy+pasting text into TextEdit which enables me to check my authorship. It's OK while it's just a para long, but more would become tedious. So a third party program may be the answer if it does become tedious. Thanks for the reply.
  2. Does Affinity Publisher have the ability to speak text, I cannot find it if it does?
  3. Does Affinity Publisher have the ability to speak text.

  4. Before leaving Adobe Creative Suite for Affinity programs (a move I do not regret, especially since upgrading to Mac OS Catalina) I did use a lot of the artistic filters which are not available on my Affinity Photo 1.8.3. I recently received a ‘Get Creative’ email offering lots of specific genre effects, which is OK, but I need general artistic effects like those in Photoshop. Are they available form yourself or a third party.
  5. For freelancers like me, I think DCrosby has got to the nub of the issue, I abandoned Adobe when its business practices became fiscally oppressive. I am now retired from commissioned work and pursue my fine art work with the aid of the Affinity suite. This inevitably has led to a drop in income, which only reinforces the decision to move away from a 'rental' company like Adobe was the right one.
  6. Will Affinity make image update possible in future versions of Designer and Publisher, making things like complex genealogical graphic trees without image updating is a bind.
  7. Just the same, it lingers on one word with no way I can see to make it work as other programs, ie. Illustrator etc. No window appears to navigate through the page or text selection. It appears to be the same on any AP document use.
  8. OK Walt, I am sending this reply again (my browser fault?). I am sorry its taken so long to reply to this spelling issue I am having and I will not bore you with why. I am using Publisher 1.7.3 and have attached the offending file. I use the Saatchi site to key in the info when inserting a new work on their gallery site and pasting the info into Publisher afterwards. Saatchi rationale multi 13.2.20.afpub
  9. I just sent a reply to this spelling issue, but its not showing on my browser, I hope its in. I have had this problem with another forum and have checked preferences in Safari (Catalina). I word appreciate it if someone could confirm my original reply to Walt.
  10. I turned off "Check Spelling While Typing" and when I are wanted to check the document using "Check Spelling" it checked only one word. I tried 'Spelling Options' and got one word, but was unable to make the 'Find Next' work either.
  11. Thats the tool I normally use to alter shapes, along with the Mesh Warp tool. But this was different, it showed all 8 'Move Tool' nodes as individually movable, the Perspective Tool only shows four nodes, each in the corner.
  12. Affinity Photo - I was using my move tool to make pasted item larger on an existing document when all the lugs (nodes) had independent movement, the tool shown when moving the mouse was the white arrowhead Node Tool. I tried to replicate this, pressing various keys while choosing the Node Tool/Move Tool with no result, can anyone tell me how to achieve this desirable element.
  13. Thanks, I did get a feathering by using gaussian blur which is fine for this job, but I will need to be more precise on others, so I will check out your link.
  14. Can anyone give me a video link as how to use 'feathering' in Affinity Photo, my Adobe Photoshop knowledge does not seem to apply to the AP version. The Affinity Tutorial site came back with 'no results' when I did a search.
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