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  1. Terrible brush lag in AP2 made artworking really unpleasant so tried [Preferences]->[Performance] and disable [Hardware acceleration] - well it seems to be working for me.
  2. Please do make the layer lock absolute in Affinity Photo, as an artist it causes me endless issues. When concentrating on a complex artwork it is so easy not to notice that you are colouring the wrong layer and you have to revert to where the error occurred, which can be a long way back resulting in lost work - so frustrating!
  3. MEB - This morning I tried moving the Adjustment palette again, this time I left it docked to the left of the working area and it seems to be working. As a right handed person its not what I would choose, but it will do until Affinity fixes the problem - see attachment. Thanks again.
  4. Did as you asked, negative result. Tried deleting the palette and opening again, moved it to various locations and redocked and negative again. Is this a general problem with Affinity/Big Sur or a problem across the OS spectrum.
  5. As stated previously, it does not work on my Big Sur system, I have to use the menu or the icon at the bottom of the layer palette. I have been informed by AffinitySupport that it is a known issue and will be rectified in the next upgrade, lets hope that is soon. I work swiftly with open palettes and although the workaround is easy enough to do, when you have to do it dozens of times a day it is a pain. See my attached open palettes image.
  6. I purchased it from the Apple Store, at the time there was no alternative.
  7. How do you go about doing that if you do not have a copy of 1.8.5, I cannot find a download for this older version on the Affinity site.
  8. We seem to have established that some of us think the new 'default' double click to get an adjustment dialog to show is not an improvement. In my case even more so as it does not work on my AP, has anyone any idea how I can fix it so it does work?
  9. AP 1.9.0 - This new way of opening an adjustment dialog does not work on my Affinity Photo, I managed to get one adjustment dialog (Brightness/Contrast) to do it once, after that is would not do it again. I have gone through all of the adjustments and it does not work at all on any of them. Also, on the previous version one click on the Adjustment Levels brought up the adjustment dialog, this new system (which does not work for me) requires two clicks before throwing up the adjustment dialog, this is less efficient. However, I will settle for the new working indirect click system if it can be solved.
  10. Mac OS Big Sur 11.2 - yes, when I click on Levels in the Adjustment panel (what I call a floating palette) it no longer throws up the slider window - see attachment. Using the icon on the layers palatte is better than using the menu, but not as effecient as clicking on the Adjustments palette. I have rebooted Affinity to no effect and will now try rebooting the computer to see if it clears.
  11. I have the same issue, but this has not solved the fact that in my Adjustments palette its not generating an adjustment window as it used to do. I would just click on say 'Levels' in the Adjustments palette and up would pop the window with the adjustment sliders etc. I can only now access that window by going to Menu> Layer> New Adjustmant Layer> Levels, which is long winded and its the same with all the Adjustment facilities. Not sure I understand the Presets advice.
  12. I have found an unusual work-around for 'Speech' text reading in Affinity, this works in all three programs. Highlite the text you wish to be spoken aloud Press keyboard Option and Esc together and let go Then press F1 - on my keyboard 'Copy' is configured as key F1 It will then read aloud the text. Strange set of key strokes, but it works for me.
  13. I read all the threads about the problems launching Affinity programs, in my case a really slow launch/opening since I upgraded to Mac OS Big Sur. To cut to the quick, is this something Apple will fix soon or is it an Affinity problem?
  14. I am using version 1.8.6, so the 'automatically if a Linked file is modified externally' is not an option and I assume we will have to wait until an updated version is available in AD.
  15. Having made a document in AD and placed text and images, I later amended some of the images and cannot find an 'updater' in AD. This used to be a feature when I used Adobe Creative Suite and assume AD has the facility too.
  16. I have been copy+pasting text into TextEdit which enables me to check my authorship. It's OK while it's just a para long, but more would become tedious. So a third party program may be the answer if it does become tedious. Thanks for the reply.
  17. Does Affinity Publisher have the ability to speak text, I cannot find it if it does?
  18. Does Affinity Publisher have the ability to speak text.

  19. Before leaving Adobe Creative Suite for Affinity programs (a move I do not regret, especially since upgrading to Mac OS Catalina) I did use a lot of the artistic filters which are not available on my Affinity Photo 1.8.3. I recently received a ‘Get Creative’ email offering lots of specific genre effects, which is OK, but I need general artistic effects like those in Photoshop. Are they available form yourself or a third party.
  20. For freelancers like me, I think DCrosby has got to the nub of the issue, I abandoned Adobe when its business practices became fiscally oppressive. I am now retired from commissioned work and pursue my fine art work with the aid of the Affinity suite. This inevitably has led to a drop in income, which only reinforces the decision to move away from a 'rental' company like Adobe was the right one.
  21. Will Affinity make image update possible in future versions of Designer and Publisher, making things like complex genealogical graphic trees without image updating is a bind.
  22. Just the same, it lingers on one word with no way I can see to make it work as other programs, ie. Illustrator etc. No window appears to navigate through the page or text selection. It appears to be the same on any AP document use.
  23. OK Walt, I am sending this reply again (my browser fault?). I am sorry its taken so long to reply to this spelling issue I am having and I will not bore you with why. I am using Publisher 1.7.3 and have attached the offending file. I use the Saatchi site to key in the info when inserting a new work on their gallery site and pasting the info into Publisher afterwards. Saatchi rationale multi 13.2.20.afpub
  24. I just sent a reply to this spelling issue, but its not showing on my browser, I hope its in. I have had this problem with another forum and have checked preferences in Safari (Catalina). I word appreciate it if someone could confirm my original reply to Walt.
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