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Found 25 results

  1. So Affinity Photo has a "Add Preset" button on their "Adjustments". For example this is the "Black & White adjustment": I think it would be awesome and helpful if there was a drop down menu next to the "Add preset" with already saved presets. So it would look something like this:
  2. When you touch on the square button on the upper right corner to hide the UI, it randomly shows up again depending on where place your hand on the screen. I’m right handed and therefore place my palm on the right lower corner sometimes, and that brings back up the UI. It also even activates other tools sometimes. I’m thinking the fix is really simple. Just make that show/hide UI button actually LOCK the UI in the visible/hidden mode respectively. No gestural shenanigans. Just... predictable functionality, PLEASE!!!!! I know this might seem like a non-issue to some but it really breaks you out of your focus to have to fight with the program rather than use it.
  3. Make it possible to assign hotkeys for Lock Children option. Or rethink how it works in Designer. I would suggest to make it behave like in Figma when working with frames. If a modifier hotkey is pressed when transforming object then the children will stay in place.
  4. So I’m drawing and I like to put my palm on the screen for that. It’s all good until my lines don’t appear anymore... it turns out it was because my pinky activates the long-press gesture to call the eyedropper and it selects the background color unbeknownst to me. It makes me think that the app is unresponsive, when in reality I’m just painting white lines in a white background. So annoying!!!! Please do as other apps and put an option to deactivate that gesture, i don’t even find it necessary since there’s ALWAYS a color picker on screen, either to the side or at the bottom bar when using pixel brushes. On that note, palm rejection is a bit wonky, but that fix will probably be a lot harder than just adding the aforementioned toggle. Thanks for your attention.
  5. Hi, I noticed that Photoshop has far better and more realistic white balance correction abilities. Affinity's white balance seems to give weird results that aren't true to life. Here I have set both to an extreme value of -100%. Unfourtantly, because of this, I have to keep photoshop installed to make white balance corrections since Affinity cannot do it correctly. How to reproduce: Use any regular JPG image, open each photo in affinity and photoshop, and compared the difference when you slide the white balance.
  6. I am posting this feedback in this section of the forum, I hope this help to improve the software Not going to talk about the bugs, I hope all of them get fixed I am going to compare my experience with other softares, such as Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape (the ones I use the most) For the few time I have used the software I can tell is very minimalistic, (I really hope this is not because the Ipad version limitations, as PC can do much more than a Ipad, so I hope PC version is not being limited to keep in the same quality of the Ipad version) Or maybe is the way the software is going to be, as it could be a minimalistic software not planned to have advanced features, I would like to know which kind of software Affinity Designer aim to be, minimalistic or advanced? Developer team care for both personas this mean less time to focus to improve designer persona and possibly priorize pixel persona over vector persona (The software is meant to be a vector graphic software, rather than a raster graphic software) The exporting persona is not intuitive and does not have much more to offer than the traditional exporting in the user menu The software have very few settings and some of them are not compatible with SVG format (The standard file format for vector graphics) The software have very few tools and some of them are not compatible with SVG format (The standard file format for vector graphics) There are very few tools for vector graphics, and the customization for them are very tricky and not intuitive & limited _ What I suggest is to focus on introducing new tools&features&settings to work with vector graphics and improve the ones that the software already have Currently I don`t use this software because of the limitations exposed, as other vector graphic software have to offer much more optimized tools&features for vector format (SVG), I really hope it get more complexity eventually as for now it is not a stand alone software for its limitations & few features for vector graphics.
  7. The app is undoubtedly the strongest image processor on the iPad, but there are some areas for improvement. 1. It is hoped that the painting function can be optimized well, and the protection against mis-touch is not perfect. There is still room for improvement in the smoothness and handiness of the brush, and the compatibility of the abr brush can be improved. If possible, I hope to have a painting mode, which is similar to the painting mode of artsudio pro. The painting experience will be much better. 2. I hope to add support for Chinese typesetting. China is a huge market, and it will be of great benefit to you to pay attention to this market. Due to the lack of Chinese typography support, many Chinese artists have to use Photoshop, whether it is a PC or an iPad. Hope the developers can see it, thank you.
  8. The UI presentation between masking and clipping layers needs to be improved. The difference is too minor and too similar. When working with a lot of layers, this becomes even more difficult to see.
  9. Hi, this input would be good. I don't know if anyone already thought about that but, could be good. Cheers.
  10. Please take a look at this post in Dpreview. Develop Persona has problem with pink tint. https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/63162325 Lightroom , C1 ,RawTherapee and other RAW editors doesn't have this problem. Download the RAW file , and check it out yourself.
  11. As a landscape photographer I take a lot of exposure bracketed photographs. For a while I used to blend these exposures using HDR software, until I learned that there's a better way that produces a more natural-looking result and gives the photographer more control: manual exposure blending. Affinity Photo includes an awesome "Blend Ranges" feature that I use to accomplish this task. It takes a little practice, but this tool is more flexible than Photoshop's "Blend If" sliders (because it supports customizable and non-linear luminosity feathering), and more efficient than Luminosity masks (smaller file size). However, the process of actually setting up multiple exposures as layers ready to be blended in Affinity Photo is currently pretty manual and tedious. You have to open one or more of your files, and then drag the others in to create additional layers, or create a new stack and then cancel the stack to unstack the layers. I do this frequently enough that it's irritating that this isn't more efficient. Since switching to Affinity, I really miss the streamlined workflow from Adobe Lightroom, where I can select multiple images and choose "Open As Layers In Photoshop," which takes care of all of the setup for blending multiple exposures, with the added bonus of also not creating multiple intermediate PSD or TIFF files. Now, obviously Adobe has no incentive to support an "Open As Layers in Affinity Photo" option for Lightroom out of the box, but perhaps an enterprising developer could write such a plugin for Lightroom if only Affinity Photo would actually support the ability to open multiple files / data streams from a RAW processor as layers in a new file... In my dream workflow, it would be really neat if Affinity Photo integrated directly with Phase One's Capture One PRO, for a similar workflow to how Lightroom integrates with Photoshop. Perhaps Phase One would be receptive to such a collaboration... I suppose the gist of my feature request is that Affinity Photo is a fantastic program, but sorely lacking in some workflow/efficiency areas that matter quite a lot for people working with lots of images. Adobe, for all their faults, seem to have figured this out, and their ecosystem of products that work together is a great strength of their offering. In the absence of a similarly large suite of complementary apps, Affinity would do well to offer some basic hooks into Affinity Photo that developers can use to create a better round-trip experience when users are working with multiple apps in concert to catalogue and edit their photos.
  12. Hi all! Hope you're doing great! I'll try to be brief. As I pointed out in this twit, the non-Apple devices found in the preset dropdown in the Affinity suite are way too old. I don't even remember what screen, resolution or size these devices had, for this "preset suggestion" to be relevant to me anymore (I mean, just look at the release dates. Nexus 5 and Surface Pro 2: October 2013, Galaxy S5: April 2014, etc.) I believe the suite could have more useful presets by simply updating the models these presets refer to, so that we can have something more recent in mind when we choose what to work with. Thanks a lot for reading!
  13. I love the way some sliders are working, this method allows better and fine controls. But the slider in Live Gaussian Blur is almost at middle when is set at 10px When this control is exposed in a Macro we loose that level of fine control. I wold propose to make it either way but to be the same way in both places because is confusing if you use macros a lot.
  14. Hey there, I am coming from softwaredev and really would love to see a fuzzy finder in Affinity where I can find all the tools by using just one single shortcut which opens the search bar. As a ref I just put in the fuzzy finder gif from GitKraken, also a very cool piece of software.
  15. Hi there, I see there are fields (or "placeholders" as I call them ) for "Page Number", "Next…" and "Previous Frame Page Number", but there's no field for a self-updating "Total Number of Pages", so one easily could add something like "Page 1 of 10", "Page 2 of 10", and so on, to the document. Also it would be nice to have some fields for time values (current date: day, month, year, current time: hour, minutes, seconds... with or w/o leading zeros). Those could update on save or export.
  16. Hello, I am trying to improve my skills in Affinity Designer... As Attachement you see my first steps.. I would like to make a button like shown... I think I need some more help with my work... Please feel free to help me... but then.. please let me know in detail (each step if it's possible).. what you have done to improve my first test... Thanks for your help. With kind regards from Germany... AD_Rookie49 Alarm_Button.afdesign
  17. I think that Affinity Photo could really benefit from added sources in the "Stock" Panel. I'd really love to see Unsplash on there, or a way to add custom sources other than Shutterstock, but I'm curious how others feel.
  18. Add support for System Rating and Review Prompts, this would allow users to rate/review from inside your app, this would increase the amount of ratings Affinity photo gets, Which also may increase the amount of people that buy your app. Here are instructions on how to support this feature. Ratings and Reviews SKStoreReviewController
  19. First thanks Serif for taking my productivity with an iPad to the next level, there is absolutely no app that comes even close to Affinty Photo, and to be honest I just bought the iPad to have it there after I saw the demo on wwdc. So so since I work with mainly the last 2-3 month I found some things that might be beneficial, from a professional point of view. (Maybe I missed them yet) - the shadow slider in develope persona is in my opinion far to aggressiv, (the main reason why I still use Lightroom) - also since I do mainly landscape the images seem a stop darker then they actually are in develope persona - it would be cool to have some kind of own font management like in Vectornator pro. - also I would love to have an styles or assets management like the library’s in Adobe Cloud. - a shortcut to change the brushsize with the Apple Pencil right on the workspace - to be able to turn on/ off a ruler to the sides of the workspace , I searched every option but maybe missed it if it’s already there. - enter Colors in hexcode Besides the Programm is almost flawless I think so much power on an iPad is insane. I mean it even opens Vektor graphics like a pro and better then every so called Vektor app in the App Store, so thrilled for affinity designer.
  20. Hi everyone, When using the flood select tool, you allways get a selection of 100% which can be what you want in some cases and in others not! I rather expected to be able to select an area and get also somehow a blurred selection rather as you do by using the "Select sampled color" comand in the select menue. But this "select sampled color" comand is hidden . And alsoits sometimes difficult to realy judge, with the "select sampled color" command , to judge, what you realy selected, because the selecion corner only shows the 50% area... So both tools can be improved together in workflow with the Quick mask toggle.. Here comes my idea as a jpg file. Tell me what you think about it.. Tom
  21. User support email, having a support email can improve the process of reporting bugs and solving issues. Here is a resent reviewing the App Store.
  22. Bonjour, Voici une liste si dessous des informations détaillées qui vous assistez Etant ancien client ancien client photoshop CC il serais bien d'ajouter quelques récapitulatifs Alors soyez-vous informé de l'amélioration et du rajouts. _ Possibilité d'avoir accès à tous les moments au filtre ajouté sur l'image comme un calque direct "calque de réglage" sur l'image, possibilité ainsi dit ajouter un masque de claque. _ Avoir accès à tous les instants au masque de dégradé Car une fois ajouter à un calque et que l'on s'enlève de la sélection dégrader il disparaité il faut en refaire un si le dégrader ne nous convient pas. _ Avoir la possibilité de faire une sélection rapide sur un masque de calque. _ Copier coller un masque de calque sur d'autres images simplement en le glissant sur un calque. _ Intégrer plusieurs image sur un projet pour pouvoir découper une image sans devoir le faire sur d'autres projets, enregistrer et ajouter une image. Simplement avoir dans un document plusieurs images séparer pour découper ou retoucher séparément pour ensuite ajouter à l'image simple glisser sur lautres. _ Intégrer des brush personnalisable. Ou de style flamme, herbe, fumée. Pour avoir plus de possibilité pour le futur photomanipulation. Hello, Here is a list if below the detailed information that you assist Being former customer old CC photoshop client it would be nice to add some summaries So be informed of the improvements and additions. _ Ability to have access at all times to the filter added on the image as a direct layer "adjustment layer" on the image, thus being able to add a mask of slap. _ Have access at all times to the mask of gradient because once to add to a layer and that is removed from the selection degrades it disappears so one must remake one if the degrader does not suit us. _ Have the ability to make a quick selection on a layer mask. _ Copy paste a layer mask onto other images simply by dragging it onto a layer. _ Integrate multiple images on a project so that you can crop an image without having to do it on other projects, save and add an image. Simply have in a document several image seperate to cut or retouch separately and then add them to the single image slide over each other. _ Integrate customizable brush. Or flaming style, grass, smoke. To have more possibility for future photomanipulation. Quote Edit Quote this
  23. Hi, I am another user interested in Affinity Photo as an alternative to Photoshop. I have been familiarizing and playing with it after installing the beta version for Windows on my computer. Overall it is OK. It is somewhat different from Photoshop and this will require me to go through some learning, all of which is fair and expected. A part from bugs that need fixing, I think there is space for better implementation of some functions some of which are being reported in this forum. I am adding one myself for the Curves function (under Tones in the Develop Persona). Unless I am missing something, in its current implementation the curves function of Affinity allows to place and move points in the curve but does not show the values of the input and output coordinates of the points. This makes very difficult (in fact, almost impossible) to exactly reproduce a similar curve profile on different photos. Photoshop not only shows the input and output values of each selected point of a curve, but also allows to directly enter such values in the corresponding fields without having to drag each point. Also, similar to Photoshop, I think that showing a curve and its corresponding hystogram overlapped in the same graph helps to much better evaluate the effect of modifying a curve. I hope this and other practical improvements will be implemented in Affinity to make its current and already quite impressive set of features even stronger. Regards, Marco Debiasi
  24. Hello, We are currently evaluating AD to see if it could be a nice tool for our employees who need to do quick annotations on images. At this time we are facing a limitation which look very small but which is very limitative in the image annotation workflow. The use case is the following: many of our users just would like to take a screenshot of something on their screen, to paste the clipboard image in an image editor application, to draw or write on it and to save it on disk in a common image file format. This workflow is efficient only if the user has a low number of operations to do. Unfortunately when we create a new document with AD the New Document dialog window doesn't automatically get the image size from the clipboard, as Photoshop does. Hence our request for this feature. It will help us a lot (I mean it!). Thank you very much
  25. Hi, In diesem Affinity Photo Tutorial zeige ich aus der Serie Foto Optimierung wie man das Foto verbessern kann. Hier geht es nicht um große Effekte, sondern um viele kleine Verbesserungen, die dann hoffentlich für ein besseres Ergebnis sorgen. Es gab viele Anfragen, ob ich ganz normale Fotos verbessern könnte. Ich werde das jetzt immer wieder in einer eigenen Kategorie machen Hi, In this Affinity Photo Tutorial, I show you from my serie photo optimization how to improve a photo. There are no great effects, but many details which hopefully improve the result. There were many requests to improve ordinary photos. I will do this regularly in a new series. Have Fun! Ciao Jack Tutorial: Foto Optimierung / photo optimization Foto / photo: eigenes / self made
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