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  1. The touch for gestures only is ignored....how annoying.(in the inpainting brush)
  2. I Uploaded a RAW file from a Hasselblad h6d-50c
  3. And oh damn, reinstalling and putting iCloud backup also won’t work anymore. When putting back affinity it sticks installing. Hundreds of hours gone
  4. Hi, My app kept crashing while I was editing. So I decided to delete it and reinstall it. But all my files were gone!!! Total panic!! Luckily I had an old cloud backup so I could save most of my files. My how on earth can I reinstall Photo without losing my files (I hope nog saving and exporting them one by one, there must be an other way!).
  5. Yessss, i’ll Send the files of a Hasselblad h6d-50c
  6. In Phocus you use the Hasselblad raw converter. This is written for your camera. Affinity photo uses the raw concrete from the OS. I suggest you always convert your raw files in Phocus or Lightroom. You always get a better result.
  7. What would be great is a shared work folder in the cloud. Start a project on one device and resume working on in on the other device. Save a file directly in the cloud. I use Dropbox a my projects folder. But it would be great if the iPad supports directly working and saving files from this folder without exporting it first.
  8. check my work at www.nickfranken.com

  9. When rendering an image in 3d software (Modo in my case) you can render a depth map instead of adding dof in the 3d software. This is a workaround to save a lot of rendering time. Normaly you apply the depth map in Photoshop in the lens blur filter so you can add real depth of field. In affinity I miss this option. Also in Photoshop it is possible to generate bump and normal maps. This is not a complex alchoritm. I think you can get a whole lot more users (3d market) to integrate these options in Photo.
  10. Congrats, this is so great. I'm feeling guilty.... I paid to less... your apps are sooooo good (after working with photoshop since '96) I would pay much more for it! I'm going to buy Designer, just to support you guys. I really hope Affinity gets more popular so you business can grow and develop more! Again, thumbs up! You make my job more fun and easier (really I just edited a portrait composition with a lot of layers on y couch!!!)
  11. I'm using Photo for iPad a couple of months now. And the last few weeks also for bigger projects. I only used the desktop version for color correction. With all the masking and matte painting I think it is really annoying I can't reach some functions with my left hand (thumb). If I mask I switch a lot between foreground and background colors. On a keyboard I use X (and D te reset them to black and white). I miss this completely in Photo for iPad. I always have to select a color by using the color selecter. That's nog so good for a fast workflow. So I prefer the button on the left at the ui. Also transferring the undo button to the left would me sooooooo great. And maybe, you can set this as an option for the left hand users...
  12. I double click in finder to open the files. With preview I mean what I see in the icon in finder (it's a screenshot of the picture). I can't show them because of privacy reasons. And yes it is one single background layer.
  13. of course, can you PM me your mail adres?
  14. Hi, How can I open a tiff file saved in CMYK profile in Photo? Years ago I saved these files using photoshop. Now I get a transparent canvas in Photo.... how can I open these? Thanks Nick
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