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  1. Exr-io does not seem to be recognized by Affinity Photo so far though . Edit: It seems that because Affinity Photo does not have an SDK its not possible to create complex import tools which go deep into image formats or data management. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/75194-affinity-designer-photo-sdk/
  2. Haha ok, why did I not know that? Here I was waiting for the polar rectangular filter to be fixed not knowing that I can edit my panoramas in a way more comfortable procedure! Thank you! Edit: So I tried it out, its super nice, unfortunately it also creates the same "line" artifacts in the pole area as the polar to rectangular filter, while retaining the sharpness though. I would love this to be fixed! It is a great way to edit panoramas! before using Equirerectangular Projection after using Equirerectangular Projection
  3. Make it three Is there any news on this fix? I noticed the same problem when working on my panoramas (removing tripod) will that fix also get rid of the artifacts as seen in the 250% zoom image in the following link? thanks
  4. Hello, First of all I have to say thank you for doing an alternative to photoshop (and illustrator) it is more than welcome! I am doing some 14k hdri panorama editing at the moment and found some things which unfortunately work not as well as in photoshop yet. Maybe there is a way to fix them!? The process: To get rid of the tripod in the picture it is necessary to do some clone stamping. So what you do is flipping the image vertically and then use the rectangular to polar filter to unstretch the floor. after clone stamping you use the polar to rectangular filter and flip the image vertically another time. The Problems: - after using the polar to rectangular filter the top of the image does a weird stretching (photoshop doesn't do that) what I do to avoid this is just making a mask and only paint in the edited (clone stamped) parts. Unfortunately the second problem is bigger: - after using the polar to rectangular filter the image is unsharp and has a weird jpeg like artifact pattern. First Problem (Stretching in the top of the image) Second Problem (Unsharp Artifacts) It looks similar to the artifacts in the following post: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/16741-rectangular-to-polar-good-results/ Thanks!
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