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  1. Hi, many times i want to resize a layer from the center, using the apple pencil (not the Transform Tools settings). But Affinity always uses the opposite end and anchor point (right?). Anyway to change this? As you can see on the video below, even if i change the anchor point from the Photo > Transform Studio from the side to the center, it doesn't resize it from the center when i'm using the Pencil/Finger. Using version: AP iOS version on the iPad Pro
  2. +1 on more shortcuts for Affinity Photo on the iPad. Would be extremely useful to use Siri voice commands with the shorcut app for things like: "New Affinity File" - Create a new file with specific size (ex: 3000 x 4000px at 300dpi) "Backup layer" > Duplicates current layer (and disables the original layer) [for backup purposes] "Import image" > Grabs the image from safari (it would be a http://.....jpg file), and opens it as a new layer in the currently open Affinity photo project
  3. Hi @stokerg, i did the exact same thing as you described again just now, but i doesn't show up on my other devices, just on the iPad. And i'm sure iCloud is ok, because i just created another folder afterwards via iPad files app, and i immediately appears on my Mac's iCloud folder. So the Affinity Photo (with icon) folder is the only folder that just appears on the iPad, all my other files and folders are synced. I can see two possible differences between our environments: Affinity's iPad version: i'm using (and not any new beta version) I don't have Affinity for Mac, just the iPad version. I imagine your icloud/apple id has both iPad & MacOS. Hi @DM1, i definitely advice saving to iCloud for constant backup if you have space.
  4. Ok, problem continues... Affinity I deleted Affinity Photo from my iPad It didn't delete the iCloud folder "Affinity Photo" (that has the icon on the folder) Manually deleted the iCloud folder "Affinity Photo" Double checked that i was logged with the same apple id on all iCloud's Turned iPad off & on, just to be sure Resinstalled Affinity on the iPad In Settings (cog/wheel on Affinity's home screen) > changed the Save Location from "On my iPad" to "iCloud Drive" "Import from Cloud" to open a file from another iCloud folder Closed the file, to go to homescreen, clicked the hamburger icon on the file > "Save" It showed: saving ... to iCloud Drive Checking iPad's iCloud Files app, now it created again an 'official' Affinity Photo folder (the one with the logo), with 1 item. Created via the iPad files app, another folder called "TEST" just to see if it will appear on my laptop/iCloud folder & iPhone/Files app. The 'official' Affinity Photo folder does NOT appear in my laptop/iPhone. The "TEST" folder appears. Please... Can someone double check if this 'official' Affinity Photo folder is really showing on your macOS/iCloud folder and/or on your iPhone Files app???
  5. Hi @stokerg , thanks for helping out! So its an issue only for my account... i forgot to mention before that i was an Affinity Photo iPad beta tester for a while, and some months ago i removed myself from the beta via TestFlight. I think this iCloud folder saving feature came while i was beta testing. I'm logged into the same iCloud everywhere. I just created a new folder in iPad's Files, it appeared on my iPhone's files. I copied all 11 files from this hidden official Affinity Photo folder into this new folder, now they appear on my iCloud everywhere But the official folder is still hidden, shows only on iPad. I think my best option is: export all files into some proper iCloud folder delete Affinity from the iPad reinstall check if the official Affinity folder appears on all iCloud devices move the files to this folder. Maybe it will also fix this weird bug that happened on one of my latest files.
  6. I'm trying to understand the Affinity Photo iCloud Drive setup... I've set to save all my files on iCloud Drive from Affinity Photo and its working fine, but... The Affinity Photo folder appears only on the Files app in my iPad; Its hidden and i can't access it on my iPhone (Files app), Laptop (iCloud folder) and even online (icloud.com)... the "Affinity Photo" folder is missing. So... if I lose my iPad... its gone? until i buy a new iPad? right? I guess it must be a hidden folder for some reason (so i don't mess the files up?) I'm currently leaving my finished and unfinished files in the iPad's iCloud Drive / Affinity Photo Folder. But since this folder is hidden everywhere, i can't call this a proper backup, since i need an iPad to access it. BTW: I move my artworks into an external USB HB (with Backblaze backup) only once a year (in december) in a very arduous process that i know i have to improve. I used to work with Pixelmator, which i have for iPad, iPhone and MacOS, and its iCloud Folder is synced on all my devices. My options/questions: 1) Isn't there a way to unhide this folder to actually be a shared iCloud folder? 2) Or an option to always save new files into another iCloud folder that i've created (and is shared everywhere)? On the screenshot's below you can see i've already created an AffinityPhotoShared folder, but just exported some files, not sure how to best proceed here... 3) If I buy the Affinity for MacOS app, the Affinity Photo iCloud folder on MacOS would be the same / shared? So my files would appear there (guess it could/should be different... or have an option to be the same shared folder for macOS and iPad) Screenshots: a) iPad Files: showing the Affinity Photo folder (with the icon and 11 items) b) Laptop iCloud drive, even showing the 'hidden folders' (CMD+SHIFT+.) it doesn't show AP's folder: Thanks a lot!
  7. Something really really weird happened with the last affinity photo document i made. I'm not sure exactly what caused it to 'corrupt' the file. possible things: - importing image but not rasterizing it, then - using the pen tool to create curves and aplying them as masks into the images (some as image, some rasterized as pictures). Somewhere along the way, something happened with my file (not all layers, but some). When i duplicate some of these layers, the duplicate is just some part of the layer. You can download "bug.afphoto" below to see it yourself. i isolated one of the layers from the original file. Just try to duplicate the layer to see what happens. I can't create masks on other layers. Rasterizing layer with mask doesn't work... I'm happy to share the original archive for you guys to debug, definitely don't want this to happen again. Thanks Screenshots below: . bug3 is the original file (unfinished) but with loads of the corrupted layers. File: bug.afphoto.zip Screenshot on reproducing the duplication layer bug (bug.afphoto file above) - Select the layer on top with the white image > 2 finger click > duplicate: - Now hide the original white layer, and see what the duplication did: - This is the original file, most of the layers have these same issue (note that the 5th layer from bottom upwards is the layer i have moved to the 'bug' file - it had a mask and i rasterized it):
  8. I currently own the iPad Pro 12.9" 2015 model and am using it mainly for artworks with Affinity. Unlimited layers is what brought me to Affinity (from Pixelmator), and i'm using and abusing it without problems (yet). Specs-wise, I haven't seen any big difference between the 2015 and 2017 models, just the usual XX% faster and the 120Hz frame rate. The Frame rate bump isn't worth upgrading since i'm not drawing with the Pencil. I'm still not using processor intensive tasks so much, but might go deep soon. The few times i've tried the Inpainting Brush or the Develop Persona (on the beta app), it took a while or even froze, but i think this was a beta issue. Has somebody tried Affinity on both iPad 12.9" models and noticed any noticeable difference? No short-term plans to discontinue support for the iPad 12.9" 2015 model from Affinity, right?
  9. Update: i'm using the Pen tool, works nicely with the apple pencil and you even get bezier curves. After closing the loop selection, click "To Mask" and it applies it to layer below.
  10. Here's one good example on why freehand selection tool would be extremely useful. Please try selecting only this caterpillar (without shadows): https://unsplash.com/photos/sBS1-iAwYO0 I can't get this creature perfectly selected with the Smart + Refine selection (refine doesn't refine as much, and freezes a lot) and simply because doing this freehand with the apple pencil is much much nicer. We just need to have a freehand selection option that only connects both ends if they're very near. So if the apple pencil leaves the iPad surface, it only closes the loop it its extremely near. [like pixelmator's > select > freehand selection tool] Just as background info, here's a timelapse on how i used Pixelmator before to make collages: https://youtu.be/4z3fi14k1GY?t=32s (starting at 32s i use the selection tool). This is currently not possible with any of Affinity's selection tools and my main feature request for the app. @Julian Hartinger could you please edit this title (by clicking edit on your first comment) to be a bit more specific? something like: freehand selection option should only connect both ends if they're very near. Thanks iPad Pro 12" 2015 - Affinity iOS - Latest Beta
  11. +1 on this feature request, i just wanna deal with pixel as unit
  12. I'm running latest beta on iPad Pro 12.9 2015 1st gen. Some tasks get stuck in the spinner / processing popover, like refine selection and the develop persona. It would be very helpful to add a cancel button in this spinner screens so i can save my work before force-quitting it. side-note: i can't reproduce this freezings, seems to be random, but i'll post something more specific in another topic if i can pinpoint the issues. thanks
  13. Hi @Muffins, i posted it on the ipad beta forum: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/45085-merge-selected-and-merge-down-not-working-on-16449/ Could you please post your reply there too? Not sure i should delete it from here because this fix isn't mentioned in their fix list. What do you suggest?
  14. Hi @Sean P thanks for trying, it was happening for me on 1.6.3 but yesterday i confirmed that its fixed on beta. thanks
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