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  1. I would love to be able to use ON1 as a plugin for Affinity, as moving from ON1 to Affinity via a PSD flattens the file. In fact, I don't really see the benefit above just saving a TIFF or whatever between the two, unless ON1 will reopen the PSD from AP with the AP layers intact, at least? I mean, you have to navigate through the file system to the AP app to send the file directly from ON1, I don't see any way to set AP up in ON1 so it is direct like from Lr to Ps. And of course in Ps you can have whatever they call it where you essentially open ACR in Ps. I just wish you could use ON1 inside AP itself, but another thread I found says that ON1 uses a format that is incompatible with AP.
  2. Another vote for support of ON1 as plugin.
  3. Thanks for the reply, R C-R! I only have a 24" monitor (it is a nice photo monitor, though), so a bit less space. I just really miss having brushes selectible from a condensed menu of some sort. Also, unlike the dedicated painting apps I use, it seems that if you modify a brush, then select something else, the brush resets to the default. This means I need to save the brushes as a new brush, I suppose. The painting apps I use are the opposite; you modify them, they show they are modified, but stay the way you left them. If you want them back to the default, you have to reset them (which is easy of course, a button is right there). Speaking of the painting apps, when searching the forum for info before I started a new thread, I came across a feature request for something many painting apps have, which is a right-click pop-up (or even a keyboard shortcut) that gives you a selection wheel for several recently-used brushes. I doubt we will see that, but I would love it! Thanks again for your help! Carol
  4. Hi everyone, I am using Affinity Photo quite a lot, and really love it! However, I do struggle to translate things over from the Photoshop world, and the one that is driving me the craziest is brush selection.~ In Ps, you get a little drop-down palette from the brush contextual menu, and you can also pull the main brush palette out and dock it by itself and squish it like the tool palette so it takes up little space so it can stay open all the time and show a lot of brushes. I don't find either approach in Affinity Photo (I can certainly pull the brush palette out and dock it by itself, but the narrowest option is *really* wide!!! ). How do people quickly sort through their brushes? Even if I make a Fave it all takes up a lot of room. Right now I have my Brushes palette in with the Navigator and History palettes, but I am curious as to how other people approach this? Thanks so much! Carol
  5. Here is the video: https://youtu.be/_cfmtrpyD5A?t=2251 Liquify in Ps also has face detect and face sliders, which is nice. As it turns out, it seems to be dead simple to do what she did in the vid in Affinity: I pushed things about in one layer, Applied, selected another layer that would correspond to her contrast layer, and Last Mesh, and it made the same changes! I didn't even have to save and reload the mesh from the first layer. AWESOME!!!! Thanks so much! Carol
  6. Hi, sorry, this might be a bit of a confusing question, as I don't have Photoshop so don't know exactly how it works there; I may be totally confused about what it can do. My understanding based on watching a video is that in Ps you can make liquify changes on on layer, then select another layer and apply the same changes to it. This was used in a processing approach where several layers with different exposures but the same scene were used. A B&W high-contrast layer was used to make masks, and Liquify changes in the Background was applied to the layer used for a mask so the changes did not have to be duplicated manually. Is there a way to do this in Affinity Photo? Thanks! Carol :)
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