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  1. All the above formats have been around for many years and there are lots of reasong why companies like Adobe do not generally support them so dont get caught up in google hype
  2. chrisbst

    Update 1.6.7

    Hi Please tell us what verion of Affinity Photo you currently have because 1.6.7 is now latest for Mac OS X version of Affinity Photo only and available from the Mac App store.
  3. chrisbst

    which one do you like better

    My vote would be for the first image as looks brighter and more sharp. IMO details stand out more
  4. I have just installed the latest Affinity Photo version 1.6.6 from the Mac store and seems work fine until click on the Preferences tab and then application crashes. I have also instalelled today the latest Mac High Sierra update 10.13.1 so not sure if this has any impact on problem except I also have Affinity Designer and have no problems with preferences in AD
  5. Dont know what sort of pictures you take, but try say taking a raw picture of some local scene. then practice changing the different setting licke colour balence, shadows an highlights and contrast one at a time and go with sliders from one extreme to the other and see how each affects the image. Then set what seems pleasing to your eyes. Editing a picture is all about taking picture from camera and either making it look more pleasing to the eye or perhaps making it more dramatic there is no right or wrong and no one can tell you exactly how to do it you just need to experiment.
  6. chrisbst

    Can't open Designer

    You need to be logged into the Mac app store with the same userid you originally used to purchase product then click on updates if you still cannot see any update then try to reboot your Mac as I have sometimes had problems with the app store an found a reboot of laptop rectifies problem
  7. You could try doing a levels adjustment but switch to CMYK and then switch master to magenta and with black slider reduce the magenta colour in picture and then do the same with yellos
  8. there is a youtube video will help search "Affinity Photo Gradient Fade to transparency" and just use a black and while copy image want to use instead of the colour as in video
  9. MAS update 1.5.5 was uploaded to App store on 22nd March and incorporated all fixes in beta 2 so use the MAS version as of this date there are no beta's that are newer. to same goes for Affinity Photo MAS 1.5.2 uploaded 22 March is latest so use these and delete the beta's
  10. chrisbst

    Free tiling textures

    Wonderful textures Gary and thanks for sharing with the World wide Affinity community Chris
  11. Check out this Youtube video recently published by Xyz Tutorials www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGG3_faGqzk
  12. chrisbst

    intro to web design - comments welcome

    I like the layout only thing worries me is with the Black background your pictures get lost in the black and fail to stand out. Try a dark grey back ground to improve how the particularly B/W images display.
  13. I think this video on youtube may be what you looking for tried putting link here but would not show so just do a search for "Dispersion Effect - Affinity Photo " Also on Youtube from Affinity Jack "Affinity Photo - Disintegration Effekt (English Subtitles) " but in German
  14. Thanks Callum that fixed the problem. I was sure it would be something simple just could not think what. Again thanks