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Affinity Photo local folder via Files app API?

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I am wondering if the current Affinity Photo app does not have the correct API implemented to view files natively in iOS 11's new files app. I know some apps have been updated to iOS 11 and have included the new API.


I have noticed that other apps that have a File Explorer feature are being updated to include files viewable via the new Files app on iOS 11. There are 2 different implementations I have seen so far, 1st: the app just lists the Service on the side and when tapping on the service to view files, brings up a pop up over the Files app. 2nd: the app updated their API to have files viewable in the files app native, and not a popup.


I have included some screenshots that may help explain what I am talking about.


I hope we can get native file viewing or file management with the new files app.









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Oh, please add this in the next iteration … I have used AP on iPad for a few retouching jobs now, and yes, I must repeat myself, it would be awesome, if we could copy large .aphoto files directly to a dedicated directory of AP on the iPad. Plug and play. Sure, we can always use Documents by Readdle or a similar app, but the disadvantage is that Documents cannot create a preview of .aphoto documents. With a dedicated directory, accessible in the Files app, previewing .aphoto files should be possible, shouldn’t it? :)

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