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  1. I also feel the color picker is activated too fast. At times while drawing quickly the color picker seemed to activate before I could actually draw on the screen. Maybe a slider in the general setting so users can customize how fast they want the color picker to activate? I also feel, as a general criticism, that the activation of a line when drawing seems more sluggish compared to other sketching programs like Procreate, Clip Studio Paint (iPad Pro) and others. Even with simple brushes there’s more brush lag compared to the competition. The beta is progressing nicely otherwise. Can’t wait to import and export color palettes.
  2. Found some potential issues with Affinity Photo Beta 1.6.7. English (UK) and English (US) in the same document settings. When drawing dots with the brush tool and Apple Pencil, the dots are barely pressure sensitive. In order to get a decent range of pressure sensitivity when making dots, the size of the brush needs to be changed. I’ve attached an example image of how Procreate handles it and how Affinity Photo does it to illustrate the issue. Certain brushes that are made with multiple layers may not render correctly if the brush is used to fill a selection. This happens with the Frankentoon Pattern brushes. I’ve attached some images showing the potential issues.
  3. Hey guys, Found a UI Glitch. This glitch will crash the UI but you’ll still be able to move the canvas around. How I triggered it: -Make a new document (I used a press ready A4 document at 300dpi) -Place a photo from the library into the document. -Rotate the the imported photo in any amount of degrees with the Move Tool. -Go to the Transform Studio, rotate the imported photo by typing into the rotate button, 90 degrees. -The UI will crash, by not allowing you to activate any other tools. You’ll still be able to move the canvas around, though. Let me know if you guys have any questions. Running Affinity Photo 1.6.5 Beta 1, iOS 11 GM, iPad Pro 1st Generation.
  4. Hello, I was wondering if I could join the 1.6.5 Beta for Affinity Photo for iPad. Chris B., one of the moderators, mentioned about it after a discussion about a glitch that crashed the app. Thank you. -Simone
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