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  1. I guess it’s not only me, this splash screen is really ugly! I hope you put a feature on to turn it off. Sorry but this is not the artwork I prefer and I don’t like to be influenced by ugly looking designs at the beginning. Please ditch it!
  2. Hi there, for me is it really important to have a live perspective tool like the concept app it has to have in Affinty Designer (Ipad). Also a Grid for Vanishing Points like Procreate. also to warp Text and other forms too. Thank you
  3. Hi there, this is one of my latest Artworks. I hope you like it. you can find more of my Stuff on instagram: @lifestyle_geildesignt C U Soon
  4. The updated Manual für both apps are missing
  5. When I created a new brush in the pixelpersona is the App shutting down After pushing the "Save"Button.
  6. The subbrushes are not availible or I can't find the Option to create a New one.
  7. I´m normally a bug hunter for Propellerheads Rack Extension format. I found a bug: I was trying to create my own color gradient, that works well but, if I like to use it as a global gradient is it killing the app. and it´s crashing after that.
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