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  1. Another dream car.....Rolls Royce....
  2. Hello, My AC COBRA SHELBY...on iPad !
  3. Hello @MichaelMeeuwissen I use just vectors... I don't like pixels
  4. Artist, Oh thanks;) I am self-taught, I draw since my youngest age .... No training, I travel a lot the web and I learn from what I see. I always dreamed of being a designer .... I regret not being able to accede to this type of studies.
  5. Good evening, I continue to explore AD on with my iPad... I love this machine! Delicate subject, especially drops of water..... What do you think?
  6. Colt 357 with vision vintage + modern
  7. A small faucet/tap to continue taking AD on iPad :)
  8. Hello, Just test AD + iPad.... Getting started a little difficult
  9. Hello... THE MONSTER (french ) !!!! Renault Espace F1
  10. Another automobile myth....Lamborghini COUNTAH !!!!!
  11. Always Italia... Lamborghini Miura With more light. Too much light reveals too many defects... The devil is caving in the details.
  12. Go to Italy.... With legendary Lancia DELTA S4 STRADALE and the mythic Maserati MC-12 !!!!!
  13. Thank you @MEB, or BUGATTI....why not ?
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