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  1. I can add assets, categories, & subcategories, and delete an entire subcategory, but no way that I can tell to delete a single asset. Is it possible? Also, there’s no way to copy or move assets between subcategories?
  2. It would be nice if, on the opening screen where Designer lists your files, you could tap on the 3-bar icon in the lower right corner of each image, and 2 additional menu items would pop up: 1. File info (or File Details). This would list information like file size, location, format, color mode, etc. 2. Show in Files. This would open the Files app and open the folder that the file is located in. As it stands today, you have no idea where a file is located unless you hit Save, and then you have just a millisecond or two to read the filename. Thanks.
  3. Never mind! I somehow switched my workflow, and was exporting the images the wrong way. I’ve retraced my steps and now all is good again. Sorry to bother you.
  4. OK, this is really weird, so maybe it’s something I’ve done. But what seems to have happened is that importing (from Pixelmator as) a Photoshop file seems to make the image come in as a flattened image (no layers). It all seemed to work at first. In Pixelmator on iPad, I would choose export, then select Photoshop format, then select Affinity Photo, and it would import with layers and everything. Then, in one image in Affinity Photo, I chose to merge 2 layers. Now, every time I try to import an image, it comes in flattened!?!?!?! I killed both apps and tried it again, and still the same thing. Did I set some flag or something? Is this a bug? Is this an iOS 11 beta bug? Any help is appreciated. I’m using iOS 11 Beta (5? 6? Whatever the latest is) on an original (2015) iPad Pro 12.9”. Thanks.