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  1. When is a API/SDK for Affinity Designer happening so I can automate scripts to draw? Adobe Illustrator has one to create macros. Why doesn't Affinity have for the vector graphics drawing programming for macros? https://www.adobe.com/content/dam/acom/en/devnet/illustrator/pdf/sdk/programmers-guide-2017.pdf
  2. I would like to have a shortcut to select the layer below or above the currently selected layer. In Affinity Photo I was able to create a macro which does exactly that. However, I couldn't find a way to assign a shortcut to this macro. So my wish is to either have: 1) a separate menu item to select a layer below or above the currently selected layer 2) a method to assign shortcuts to individual macros
  3. It would really help speed up my workflow if it was possible to record macros on the iPad version of Affinity Photo. I'm really hoping to see this feature in the next updates.
  4. Hi, I have affinity photo beta for windows and i wanted to know, how can i add keyboard shortcuts in Macros? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi, I can't seem to figure out something really simple: how to execute a macro stored in the library. I have my image open along with the library window but clicking, double-clicking or dragging a macro onto the image has no effect. Tried it with self-made ones and with some that came with the software. Only way I can apply macros seems to be to right click it in the library and choose 'Edit', then press play in the macro panel. This is on a Mac, running version 1.6.11
  6. From the Graphical video series - InstaFilter ( 4 ) Gradients - G.afmacros Set Fill color to BLACK. Creates vector gradient ( 2000 x 2000 px ) for easy resizing & rotating. Enjoy, - T V
  7. From the GRAPHICAL video series - InstaFilter ( 1 ) SECRET Trick - G.afmacros Adjust grouped layers opacity. Enjoy, - T V
  8. From the GRAPHICAL video series - InstaFilter ( 2 ) INVERT - G.afmacros Renamed previous INVERT upload only. Enjoy, - T V
  9. From the GRAPHICAL video series - InstaFilter ( 6 ) GLAMOUR Look - G.afmacros Working on some new techniques... Enjoy, - T V
  10. Diamond Gradient vector linked macro... Please leave feedback on how this is working for you. I can do more in beta with this than in the normal updated version. Diamond Gradient.afmacros Enjoy, - T V
  11. A collection of three Macros from the GRAPHICAL video series - Skin Smooth and Soften - G.afmacros Enjoy - T V
  12. Affinity Photo and current/former Adobe users: Is there any way to recreate the effect of the Adobe PS>Filter Gallery>Dry Brush using Affinity Photo? If anyone has insight into the Affinity version of Adobe’s Smart Blur, that would be appreciated as well. Basically, I’m trying to translate some PS Actions into AP Macros, but there are a couple of PS specific steps that I don’t know the Affinity equivalents for. Anyone that speaks both languages would be helpful. I also know that AP for iPad doesn’t create Macros. I’ll be translating on desktop to hand off to little sister on iPad. IMG_0430.MP4
  13. From the GRAPHICAL video series - GRAINY textured GRADIENT - G.afmacros Enjoy, - T V
  14. LIVE Fill Layer GRADIENT Macros I used my Color Wheel ( 12 ) 30' palette to create ALL 2 color gradient combinations. Can be applied from any layer. Setup applies 50% opacity with Soft Light blend mode to a linear gradient. Each macro is a separate gradient that can be FULLY manipulated as a LIVE Fill Layer. Gradients ( 30' ).afmacros - 30' shift ( 12 ) ( Analogous ) Gradients ( 60' ).afmacros - 60' shift ( 12 ) Gradients ( 90' ).afmacros - 90' shift ( 12 ) Gradients ( 120' ).afmacros - 120' shift ( 12 ) Gradients ( 150' ).afmacros - 150' shift ( 12 ) Gradients ( 180' ).afmacros - 180' shift ( 6 ) ( Complementary ) Enjoy, - T V
  15. From the GRAPHICAL video series - After running macro, manually change the Stack Mode from Median to Mean. Color Grade ( Mean ) Stack ( V2 ) - G.afmacros Enjoy, - T V
  16. From the GRAPHICAL video series - 180' Subtract HSL - G.afmacros Enjoy, - T V
  17. SHARPEN using BLUR macro Linked layers from the Graphical video series SHARPEN using BLUR - G.afmacros Enjoy, - T V
  18. A Collection of three Sharpening Macros from the IN AFFINITY video series. Sharpening - D.afmacros Update to Vivid Light Sharpening ( Extended ) * - creates complete group - merge visible Vivid Light Sharpening ( Extended ).afmacros Enjoy, - T V
  19. I have put together a set of macros to change the dpi of an image without changing the pixel dimensions. The set comprises macros to change the dpi to 72, 96, 144, 150, 180, 192, 300 and 400dpi. These macros were recorded in Photo 1.6 because there were reports that similar macros recorded in 1.7 would always resample, even if the Resample box was unticked. I have checked that these macros work in 1.8, which they do. I also note that in 1.8 the Resize function will change the dpi without resampling. Here is the Library file: Change DPI 1.6.afmacros Thanks to @carl123 for setting the ball rolling with his macro here. EDIT: This macro library has been recreated (in 1.6) and re-imported into this message. EDIT: I have now re-recorded them in Photo 1.10, but they still do not work! John
  20. Hi, I am trying to batch process a set of files. I like to convert RAW files to TIFF and be able to set various pre-recorded (marco) parameter that are available in the development persona (things like Development Assistant and basic,lens,details,tones) My challenge is that I cannot see how I can record a macro under the development persona. I know how to do it under Photo persona (->view ->studio ->macros) but cannot see how to record the parameters I want to control in development persona (only not Photo persona) and then run onto a batch of files. Under Development Persona if you go to ->view ->studio there is no macros options. An actual example would be much appreciated thank you Arnim
  21. I had to edit some images for a client, who wanted to embed them into some kind of bank notes. The motives on them used to be classic copperplate engravings. So I created some macros for AP, some of which I want to share with the community. Requirements: The image needs to be square format (it will get resized to 3000 x 3000 px) The image needs to be flat (only 1 layer) The styles provided in this post need to be added prior to starting the macro I got an error message when trying to upload the files (probably due to their size, hence some google cloud links: Engraving Styles (2.2 MB) - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aHP4golVVLoidsw_aLs_EcMltfsM3oIu/view?usp=sharing Engraving Macros (1.8 MB) - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mMbZFTd-fLDuACyRCa7bne7cd0wksYUu/view?usp=sharing
  22. Does Designer have the ability to record macros? I know Photo does, but I use Designer more and it would save me so much time! Likewise with Publisher!
  23. I have an issue with macros in Photo. I recorded one recently, added it to existing library, but after closing Photo, it disappeared. I re-recorded it again, added it back to the library, export the whole library but it disappeared again. When I wanted to import the library, I received the error message. What am I doing wrong? Photo 1.9.1, macOS 11.2.3 (20D91), Macbook pro mid 2015
  24. 21 macros for Affinity Photos to make your photo awesome :) Made by me Download: Egor_Komarov_color_grading.afmacros Examples: Download: Egor_Komarov_color_grading.afmacros
  25. Hello. I'm trying to recreate some Photoshop actions in Affinity Photo and I'm having a problem with Blend Options in Affinity. Could someone explain to me how to translate Photoshop's "Blend If" into Affinity Photo's "Blend Options"? A specific example in the screenshots below. I tried importing a simple PSD project with this very setting on one of the layers, but it didn't work. The setting Photo reproduced was quite bizzare (created many nodes and pushed them all to the bottom of the Source Layer matrix, making the object/layer invisible). I would love some help. Is it possible to translate this setting to produce the exact same result in Photo?
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