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  1. working on PC, Windows 10, latest version, Affinity photo 1.9, 64 , plenty of memory on video card and pc etc.etc. I had a windows update too since upgrading to no 1.9 The plug in worked on the previous version of Affinity but now I get this warning message that is above my pay grade. When I click on abort, Affinity photo just disappears and I have to load infinity to start with the found recovery file I was working on. The file was a tff or jpeg and quite small easy to manage, 8 bit. See attached file.
  2. I experience the same problem, just noted the response on using live filters, wil try that. Thanks.
  3. I have the same problem, I have just purchased the Nick collection by DxO, and the TIFF and raw and PSD files show false colours, however the JPEG file shows up normal in Viveza. The enlarged loupe image shows the correct colours in all circumstances, I have contacted DxO and they are not supporting plug-in problems with Affinity Photo. I gather the problem lies with Affinity Photo... I hope you can fix this.
  4. I do a lot of clearcutting product shots, one of the reasons I bought affinity for. I can not find any instructions on the pen tool how to use it etc. and bezier path. I may be looking in the wrong places.... Could anybody help please? And a path panel is definitely needed for accurate retouching, unless you can show me an alternative way to go about it - that is more efficient -- not duplicating and making more work for me. Thank you for assisting and listening.
  5. Good afternoon Chris, I am using an Intuos pro tablet, medium-size, when I disable the high precision setting, make a freehand selection and then enable the high precision, the marching ants still stay running. With the high precision setting still enabled, if I touch with my Wacom pen still in freehand mode same image, the marching ants disappear. When I turn the option back for high precision input for my tablet the marching ants do not display when I select on the context toolbar new or add. Could it have anything to do with my pen settings?
  6. Thank you, the problem was that in preferences I had selected high precision input from tablet, unchecked that box and all works fine... Thanks again for responding. Wonder what high precision tablet tool input does?
  7. When I draw a freehand selection with my wacom tablet pen it does not show the selection. When I use my mouse it does show. Affinty photo is enabled and included on settings for tablet. I use windows 10 on a acer laptop and have the latest driver installed. My pen does work when I select the other selection tools! Any advice please?
  8. Does the latest version 1.6 support saving workspaces and tool presets?
  9. YES I MISS THIS FEATURE! Please develop support for colorchecker and camera profiles
  10. I am very annoyed that I have to reset -organise my workspace on 2 monitors so frequently, pull your socks up designers/developers :( and create a "save workspace" feature! It is not that complicated and it saves a lot of time especially when you charge by the hour, in the next update I expect this function to be available. So please make me :) Thank you in advance, it is so strange - you offer some really advanced features but forgot to apply some basics....
  11. Possibly already mentioned somewhere but how do I reset all tools and or brushes to default?
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