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  1. Hello MEB, no unfortunately it didn't asked me anything. But I figured that opening the temporary file from lightroom asked me if I want to recover it.
  2. Hello, I have an urgent request: Affinity Photo, as good as it is, should handle a software crash and being able to recover even unsaved projects. I already lost hours of work because of this missing feature. I use Lightroom as main raw developing software (AP isn't that good yet tbh) and link it to Affinity Photo, so the edited product when I close Photo will be in Lightroom for the final touches. Except when Affinity Photo decides to crash for no good reason (like while making a selection)... then everything done in Photo is lost instantly. I expect that when I restart Affinity Photo it tells me "sorry I crashed but I am able to recover the last projects you were working on if you wish so and tell my developers what happened so that they can fix me". Thank you very much! Best regards, r.v.
  3. Hello, I wanted to stitch a couple of photos to a panorama, The menu opens, I can open the files, and I can click stitch. But than I left waiting for the panorama for eternity. Windows Fuji X100T raw files (.raf) Many thanks! If you need files or further information or testing do not hesitate to contact me. Best regards, Viktor
  4. It works on the windows version with affinity photo v1.5.0.45 just as it supposed to.
  5. Hello, I've found many other treats for this topic, but no recent answer. Many would love to see support for camera profiles in the develop persona. The best working examples are in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom with the X-rite Colorchecker plugin and in Davinci Resolve (which natively supports the color targets). Is there anything in development? If yes, when can such a feature be expected? Starting out editing with correct exposure and calibrated colors takes photography to the next level. Other users, please support this topic if you agree to get more attention. Many thanks! Viktor ps: this missing feature is the only reason that I did not completely abandoned Lightroom. (which I would really love to do) ps2: there might be cameras with built in camera profiles as well, like the fuji x100t.
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