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  1. Oilsoe

    No lens correction Sony RX100M2

    Works fine now after update to
  2. After updating to ver. 1.6 my SONY DSC-RX100M2 ARW (RAW) pictures are not lens corrected by import. Dis- or Enable in Develop assistent makes no difference. According to lensfun.sourceforge.net/lenslist my camera should be covered. Thanks 171109 14-17-39.ARW
  3. Hi DWright. Hope the link to my picture is working. I have been digging a little further. The GPS - and IPTC data have been added in ACDSee, resulting in the sidecar file for the RAW picture. I believe the sidecar file is ignored by Affinity when importing.
  4. After importing Nikon D7000 NEF files into Affinity, several EXIF data are lost, most important (for me) are the GPS data. Almost all IPTC Content data are lost (Title, Headline, Description, Keywords.) If the same files are converted to JPEG before imported, all data are kept.