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  1. Still no solution? The simplest export name is not possible?
  2. same True, so we all need to vote only for Affinity Photo: https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=39311 Right?
  3. One of the biggest markets is moving to Linux: https://www.techradar.com/news/china-to-ditch-all-windows-pcs-by-2022-could-this-be-linuxs-time-to-shine They also need professional software.
  4. Who wants that? We need native software. We are talking about software for professionals, not about games. You can ask companies or other organizations, who want to grow Linux, if they want to sponsor Affinity Linux versions.
  5. That's not Linux enthusiasts. Most of them refuse to use closed source. That's the wrong way. History proves that it is not working. All that is working around the real problem, without success.
  6. Sure, JavaScript is growing. But not Linux. lol, déjà vu Man, I am talking only about Linux on desktop. Linux enthusiasts don't like closed software like Affinity. They like to make thousands of different distributions, which all are the same but not compatible to each other. Wine works also against Linux. All that prevents Linux to grow on the desktop. You need 2 steps to grow Linux: 1) Focus on only 1 or 2 distributions; with one standard 2) Support software companies to bring their professional software native to Linux.
  7. Yep, they try that since 20 years with no success. Linux is still an alien on the desktop, because of the lack of good software. The free software enthusiasts killed Linux.
  8. Ask the Linux Foundation if they want to pay 100k to Affinty to support a Linux version. They want to grow Linux? They need professional software.
  9. Thank you! I made a template for me, with 4 different shapes. inclined_template.afdesign
  10. Hello, I am not a graphic designer. I use the Affinity tools just for very simple processes. So maybe my question is stupid simple. Is it possible to create a reusable template for 2 (or more) inclined images side by side? I mostly use Affinity Designer. This is just a sample of what I want to do: thanks Jochen
  11. I wounder why Serif doesen't care about the users need? So many people use and love the X-Right products.
  12. Hello, I have uploaded the file to Dropbox. Maybe the problem is, because I use the same file on 2 different computers. Both run on Windows 10. They should be pretty similar.
  13. Hello, I use the latest AD on Windows 10. My problem is, that I have to select the font again and again for one of my files. Maybe I do something wrong.... You can see on my first screenshot, that the selected text does not touch the canvas on the right and top. AD tells me on the left that the font is Open Sans. That's the font I like to use. Now I have just to select the same font again and everything fits and looks like it should: The font looks different in the first screenshot. It seems that AD forgets my font selection shows me Arial instead. But stil
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