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  1. Hi, I know this has been discussed before, but I am currently just filing my photos into windows explorer with a date and few words in the file name on what they are and they are stored in the cloud. My photo library has now become too big for me to remember where things are and I spend a lot of time looking for photos I want to find. I'm really enjoying using Affinity Photo (and know there's no photo file management system yet available). I am looking for something that would have a one-off payment as I don't want to lock into a subscription. It doesn't need to be free, but I am hoping for something that wont get discontinued (eg Picasa). I've had a search on the internet and have a couple of names: Adobe Photoshop Elements, Adobe Bridge, Phototheca3, Abemeda, XNViewMP, Irfanview - I know there are more, but I got a bit overwhelmed. I don't need a program that edits as I have Affinity for that, so just a photo file management system I can use in conjunction with Affinity Photo is what I need. I use Windows. Can anyone suggest something - I'm not looking for anything too complex.
  2. Oh, here we go, this is what I want ... thank you Toltec, I used the brushes toolbar and increased the size. I'm quite new to Affinity so the new learning is great
  3. I tried to make what should be a circle but is a cross bigger, and/or smaller, with the bracket keys, but that didn't do anything.
  4. Hi, I was using inpainting tool successfully yesterday. Today it is coming up as a plus sign (with open centre) and not a circle (I use a windows pc). I've made sure the image is rasterised and also looked at the top toolbar to make sure it's opacity is set to 100%. Any further tips?
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