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  1. I have two shapes... I want to cut out the yellow circle, so the result is like this: But whan I chose subtract, only the size of the red circle is subtracted. I need the size of the red circle including its white stroke to be subtracted. How do I do this? Thanks.
  2. +1 from me ... so wierd that this is not already in Affinity Designer.
  3. Thank you for answering my post. Not exactly what I'm looking for. When you click "Export slices" a save-dialog appears ... the name you enter as filename in this dialog, that is the name I want to prefix on all slices.
  4. Hi I'm using Affinity Designer to create icons. I a single layer, I have an icon with 7 sizes. My slices names as like this: _16x16 _32x32 _64x64 etc. When I'm in the Export Persona, I select "Slices" and clicks "Export slices", then I enter a name like "MyIcon". Is there a way to tell Affinity Designer to merge the exported filename "MyIcon" into the slicename, så the slice names will end up as... MyIcon_16x16 MyIcon_32x32 MyIcon_64x64 ...? That way I can reuse the layer, change the icons and export it with a new name like "MyNewIcon" and it will automatically export slices as .. MyNewIcon_16x16 MyNewIcon_32x32 MyNewIcon_64x64 I would like to call the slice names something like... {filename}_16x16 {filename}_32x32 {filename}_64x64 etc. Thanks
  5. I work in both Mac and Windows and I'm using Illustrator to convert EPS to WMF .... but the result is terrible. Maybe you guys at Affinity could do a better job than Adobe and support export to WMF with a result that looks exactly like the EPS. :) Thank you for making AWESOME products! :)
  6. I click "Export Persona" -> Layers (in the palette) and then select the layer and click "Create Slice". But I found out, that selecting the layer and clicking "Create Slice" will make a 258x258 slice, but if I expand the layer and click the Rectangle and click "Create Slice" then it's 256x256 ... so there's obviously a difference from making a slice from the layer to making a slice of the rectangle itself. :) Thanks for your help.
  7. Hi, Thanks for helping me out here! :) I tried what you said, and now the slice is 258x258 ... I simply can't make it 256x256. I've attached a new sample - can you see what I do wrong? Thanks a million! Update: If I open your sample and click "Revert to auto sized" in the slice-toolbar, then your sample is 259x259. This is strange. test2.afdesign
  8. Hi, Please see attached test file. If I create a rectangle and sets the size 256x256. Now I create a slice of that layer, but the slice is automatically set to 259x259. Why is the slice not the same size as the rectangle (256x256)? Thanks test.afdesign
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