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  1. +1 ... I would like export to windows icons too!
  2. Hi I'm using Affinity Designer to create icons. I a single layer, I have an icon with 7 sizes. My slices names as like this: _16x16 _32x32 _64x64 etc. When I'm in the Export Persona, I select "Slices" and clicks "Export slices", then I enter a name like "MyIcon". Is there a way to tell Affinity Designer to merge the exported filename "MyIcon" into the slicename, så the slice names will end up as... MyIcon_16x16 MyIcon_32x32 MyIcon_64x64 ...? That way I can reuse the layer, change the icons and export it with a new name like "MyNewIcon" and it will automatically export slices as .. MyNewIcon_16x16 MyNewIcon_32x32 MyNewIcon_64x64 I would like to call the slice names something like... {filename}_16x16 {filename}_32x32 {filename}_64x64 etc. Thanks
  3. Thank you for answering my post. Not exactly what I'm looking for. When you click "Export slices" a save-dialog appears ... the name you enter as filename in this dialog, that is the name I want to prefix on all slices.
  4. Hi, Please see attached test file. If I create a rectangle and sets the size 256x256. Now I create a slice of that layer, but the slice is automatically set to 259x259. Why is the slice not the same size as the rectangle (256x256)? Thanks test.afdesign
  5. I work in both Mac and Windows and I'm using Illustrator to convert EPS to WMF .... but the result is terrible. Maybe you guys at Affinity could do a better job than Adobe and support export to WMF with a result that looks exactly like the EPS. :) Thank you for making AWESOME products! :)
  6. I click "Export Persona" -> Layers (in the palette) and then select the layer and click "Create Slice". But I found out, that selecting the layer and clicking "Create Slice" will make a 258x258 slice, but if I expand the layer and click the Rectangle and click "Create Slice" then it's 256x256 ... so there's obviously a difference from making a slice from the layer to making a slice of the rectangle itself. :) Thanks for your help.
  7. Hi, Thanks for helping me out here! :) I tried what you said, and now the slice is 258x258 ... I simply can't make it 256x256. I've attached a new sample - can you see what I do wrong? Thanks a million! Update: If I open your sample and click "Revert to auto sized" in the slice-toolbar, then your sample is 259x259. This is strange. test2.afdesign