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  1. Does anyone know a work around for the lack of blend tool functionality in "affinity designer" ? Let's think outside the box while Affinity works on adding this feature. !!! thanks..
  2. I am having an issue with this showing in Task manager. I only went there because the program splash and window started to strobe after I installed the update Is there a solution for this? Windows 10 Dell laptop 8GB ram blah blah..
  3. Thanks for all the information and I am starting to think that I am old... old as the AOL icon... lol. Have a wonderful week!
  4. Hey did you make this? Still hoping someone is going to solve this issue. Did someone make a request for the devs?
  5. Thanks for making this available to us! Love the design!
  6. I don't understand why Affinity has not fixed this and added the ability to save to .ico. It's what the people want and in my case need. Please help me to never go back to Adobe! +1
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