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  1. Does v2 support rtl? If not teher is any chance to get it in future updates??
  2. im using affinity designer and photo on my my macs and when i check fot update on both of them its says version 1.10.5 is the newest version available how do i get V2?? should i buy new licensees???
  3. @GarryP @GarryP I wanna know how to create embedded layer like mockup one that I will be able to change the photo in it but to keeg the perspective and blend mode
  4. There os a selection to Vector tool yet in the newest Affinity Designer for mac os?
  5. @GarryP I look up for this brush because i got some walls pic that i wanna make some digital graffiti on
  6. If someone know brushes like this one down here we (with the black edges) I would like to know I would also like to know about any other brush that can be useful for graffiti style lettering
  7. hey how can i get back the hsl color wheel in the 'color' button on the studio like it was in previous vers of the softwere
  8. I tried yesterday to export a designe for my client its made with pen tool and few brush layers with blend mode set to Erase. When I tried to export it as pdf/svg transparent background ( that was already set on the document setup) Its not work and its export with white background and the erase layers was also visible (and not erased nothing) Even if I tried to ⌘+A>Export>svg/pdf>selection without background its not worked Its work fine only when I tried to export it as a png transparent I'm really need help because its for a client and the time is a little bit short Thank🦋❤️🦋
  9. @Fixx if i set it to 300 dpi can i now just export it normally as jpeg and it will be 300 dpi jpg?
  10. how do I exporting my work at 300 dpi on designer or photo on mac os?
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