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  1. Dear Affinity Team, first I'd like to thank you very much for this excellent piece of software. I'm almost really happy with it! With version 1.5 (Mac) the "edit in ..." from Lightroom don't work as before. I've configured LR to send a 16Bit Tif file to Affinity Photo. In versions prior 1.5, I could edit the photo, click save, confirmed that this will be flattened and voila it arrived automatically correctly updated in Lightroom. With v1.51, I click save in Affinity and get a filedialog where I'm required to select the correct directory and verify the correct filename to save the edited version. But nothing happens in Lightroom, the updated version don't arrive. It might be that the different extension (*.Tiff) is the cause for this issue. Now I'm required to rename the Tiff extension to Tif and restart Lightroom to get it recognized by LR. Thats way too much effort for some little corrections or Highpass sharpening. I understand that many users need the option to save the edited file with layers. Is it possible to add the old behaviour (LR->Edit in Affinity->Save as same filename and directory) as an additional option to the software? Thank you very much! Happy new year to all you! Peter