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  1. By a "manual" I was thinking of a book with an index, pages, chapters and a logical sequence. A help system usually relies on you searching for something. That's no good if you don't know the name of what you want to search for. I think I'm just old fashioned. Trouble is, I'm just old
  2. View > Dock Tools will do it
  3. You too
  4. I think I need another screengrab The whole window!
  5. Absolutely not! You can blur it again Actually, I quite like the floating effect.
  6. Are you 100% sure you have the right layer selected ? This is what you should see. Marching ants from border to flower (background selected} lots of blur
  7. "'camera blur'?" ?? If you mean depth of field yes. You can isolate one area and blur around it (the background)
  8. Come out of Quick Mask so you get a selection, go Layer > New Live Filter Layer > Gaussian Blur and obliterate the photobombers.
  9. Turn off Protect Alpha
  10. You have the blur brush selected and 0% hardness set. Select the Brush tool and make sure all the brush settings are 100% Edited because i put the wrong brush in, sorry.
  11. The standard paint brush (shortcut "B") shown in Step 2 It sounds like you have something set you shouldn't. Can you try and post a screengrab ?
  12. Select the image using the selection brush Refine the edges using Refine 3 Apply as much Gaussian blur as you want. There is a good video on refining edges if you search for Affinity Photo - Refining Selections
  13. 1 click on Quick Mask 2. Select brush 3 Choose white 4 Paint on mask.
  14. You can select the area you want, invert the selection to blur the rest but a very good way to blur is the Depth of Field filter. Layer > New Live Filter > Depth of Field Filter You can set the position the blur starts from (by dragging on the handles) the radius of the unblurred part the amount of blur etc. You dont have to go through all that selection and masking stuff and you get a nice smooth blur. Original Blurred version, subtle but you can blast it if you want