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  1. Er, what extra steps ? I just selected the speedboat from the first image using the selection brush, pressed Copy (Ctrl + C) and pasted (Ctrl + V) it into the second image, selected it with the move tool then I can drag the handles to resize it however I want or just move it. What happens when you do that ?
  2. Photo. Designer is much more about managing vector layers and pages with control over vector objects (assets and symbols) Photo has 95% of the drawing features and 200% of the image manipulation features. It also works much more like Photoshop, which you are used to.
  3. Ho @Tangot2 As @Dan Csays, its just a matter of copying and pasting. There is a pretty good Serif video that shows this and how to blend the pasted object in. The subject is less 'mobile' than you are but the technique is the same. Hope it helps you
  4. It can often be much easier if you set the view mode to Outline. Then you can only select objects by clicking on the lines, not the Fill. As for layers inside layers, you can set ‘Insert inside’, so that new layers you create will automatically be nested inside selected layers. Sub-layers if you like. All of these things can have keyboard shortcuts applied.
  5. sI have tried every combination of tapping and pressing, dragging etc but I cannot get this to work. It's easy on the desktop version but instructions make no sense to me on the iPad (or are wrong). Has anybody managed with this? Help !
  6. BTW is the latest version of Photo
  7. The Overlay Paint Tool is used to make selections. It works a bit like making pixel selections in the Photo Persona where you would paint an overlay on the image to target just that area to apply an adjustment to. Like an exposure adjustment. It is not meant to do anything permanent to the image on its own. As @v_kyrsuggests, you need to use the Photo Persona as there are no drawing tools in the Develop Persona, only adjustment tools.
  8. What do you mean by a Global change? Apply a global adjustment? If you don't alter the selection area, or make a new one you can deselect then Select > Reselect will Reselect the last area you had selected.
  9. Er, well you do have to do something with the selection you copy. Otherwise it is just in the ether. I find the best option is to press Ctrl + J which puts the selection onto a new layer. You can then edit just that layer and merge it down, or not.
  10. Yes, but if you get lots of warnings, then there is the inevitable warning box where you have to agree to it (sometimes more than one) flashing up before your eyes every time. Have you never used Microsoft products? That really slows things down, so the 2 seconds becomes 4 seconds or 6 seconds every time Not at all productive when you are working on dozens of files No, like @R C-R I much prefer things the way they are. A bit of learning goes a long way and all sophisticated and powerful apps do need a bit of learning.
  11. Hi @dansky If you look in the Document menu (top left, just after the arrow) there is an Export LUT option. There is a video (for the desktop version) but it should work the same.
  12. toltec

    import / export layers

    When you tap the Save option (menu below the image thumbnail) it should say ‘saving as xxxyourfile.afphoto. Which will be whatever name you give it and to wherever you set this in Preferences. ‘Default save location’. .afphoto is an Affinity file format and will have all the layers included. Does it say something else when you try? You could change the default save location to iCloud or if it saves to your iPad, you can find the file in the Files app and long-press on it, you will have the option to Move it or Share it.
  13. They are all there, in the Filters Studio