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  1. DOH! 🙂 I did not know arm64 was the M1 I thought it meant 64 bit vs. 32 bit. I've been on Macs since 1986, pre OSX, and pre 64 bit architecture. Thanks!
  2. Yes I tried 1.2.1 which is the latest they had on their site, unless that is M1 Only.... they aren't very clear about which one would be intel
  3. Don't know why. Mac 2019 with the current Monterey with the latest security update.
  4. I downloaded the latest version and is shows with a No ENTRY symbol. Not supported on this version is the error message. I found a free Vectornator in the APP store. Will try it.
  5. Thanks.. Just found out it doesn't work on a Mac in the current OS. 😞
  6. Thanks Where would you do an auto trace for color? Can you do that in Affinity?
  7. Okay, so I am running into a bit of a problem. I used a vectorizer program to create the image from a picture. You would think the natural fill are for the line filled with yellow would be the rest of the leg. In AI you would pour fill into that area, but I don't see the same function exactly. The fill with the line is filling outside the enclosed area. This is where AI would see the closed areas and fill it. Any ideas how best to proceed? This is taking way longer than I had hoped. Pilate2_vectorized.afdesign
  8. Illustrator had a feature where you could allow unclosed vector lines whose gaps where minor to close for a color fill. Is there a feature like that for Affinity Design or Photo?
  9. Thanks. Without knowing it, I had selected the Warp tool. Maybe by a keystroke. I never use the warp tool, as usually I am correcting trapezoidal distortions in photos.
  10. Without knowing how or why, the Perspective Warp window has disappeared and I can't save the modifications by hitting return. I can modify the picture by dragging the corners, but can't apply them. I quit the program and restarted but still it is not reappearing. Any ideas? I don't see anything in the menu to bring it forward.
  11. I found the macro in the library and I see the skies in the downloads folder, but am not sure how to apply them. There seems to be no dialog box to choose them.
  12. So, I have Uplift add-on in Photo which were downloaded manually and i am trying to find them in the interface but cannot. There are other items listed in the assets panel, but even if I try to reimport them from the download they are greyed out like they have already been installed. I'm in Affinity Photo 1.10
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