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  1. Hey guys, when I was testing an early Beta of Publisher it was able to import an InDesign file directly, so I bought Publisher in anticipation of a complete escape from Adobe, but Publisher doesn't seem to be able to do that now. I read a thread that last year the ability to import IDML files was expected in weeks, but when I converted all my InD files in anticipation of Mac Catalina (my CS6 will no longer work) I found that they are still not importable. All greyed out. Where are we on this issue?
  2. Okay, i see the problem. I drew a line with the arrow tool (accessed from the shapes). The line did not show an arrow head, but after looking at the last post I used the drag handles to make the line bigger and I could see an arrow head. I was actually trying to make the head a lot larger to look like the selection tool.
  3. I'm using the arrow shape tool and set arrow head on 1 end, but no matter what settings I use I can't get it to show an arrowhead. Is this a bug?
  4. Hi, I watched a video on smoothing or simplifying a path in designer on the iPad. Can't see the feature on my desktop... Anyone?
  5. BTW, I cannot find anything on a search about using this feature in designer either. I.e., when I typed in text on curve, text on line, attach text to curve or line didn't come up. I guess text on path might have. But No.
  6. I know how to attach text to a curve in designer, but can't find the option in photo. Does it exist? If so, where is the feature / button TIA, Jeff
  7. the three finger tap conflicts with the ipad pro zoom feature. Can't find a way to totally turn it off on the ipad or to change the redo command in affinity.
  8. The three finger tap to control redo conflicts with ipad's zoom feature. How do you reset either the zoom feature controls in ipad settings or change it in affinity??? Right now when I 3 finger tap the zoom loupe overlays the screen and it is in the way.
  9. Dang folks, thanks. What is weird is that I didn't set it to zero. Is there a key command that would do that without my knowledge?
  10. it isn't working and I do not have stroke set to zero. Now it isn't changing the box color.
  11. that doesn't make any sense... the stroke is selected above in the color wheel... doesn't seem to work like Adobe, but this requires additional steps?
  12. I am trying to change the color of the stroke and even though I have the stroke selected, the color is not changing in response to the color wheel or the color buttons up top or swatches below.
  13. I am new to the ipad with affinity designer and I'm doing a tutorial. Somehow a square magnification box has appeared on the screen and I can't find a way to turn it off. Pressing buttons isn't showing me anything. It also appears related to the navigation tool but there is no off button there either. NEVERMIND it is a feature of the ipad with 3 finger tapping. Problem is that the tutorial uses 3 fingers as a feature within Designer
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