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  1. I want to get rid of adobe completely, yet I can’t work without Adobe Bridge. Does anyone have a suggestion, which app can do the work of Bridge (Mac OS 10.11) and cooperates well with Affinity? The same thing with adobe Acrobat. I use it for checking if my files are o.k. for Offset-printing. Any suggestions are welcome.
  2. I defined a paragraph style with an Initial over 3 rows, but it displays over 5 rows. If I change it into 2 rows it displays as 3 rows, and with 1 row it displays as 1 row. This seems to be a bug, as when I change the size of the textframe the initial size changes to the right rowsize.
  3. I defined a paragraph style with an Initial over 3 rows, but it displays over 5 rows. If I change it into 2 rows it displays as 3 rows, and with 1 row it displays as 1 row. I want it to display the right way: 3 rows = 3 rows.
  4. Is there a way to select vector objects that have the same fillingmode or -color or stroke color? In Illustrator there is. An I can't work without this feature.
  5. Du kannst mir ja mal vertraulich das PDF schicken und ich gucke mal in Acrobat, was der mir dazu sagt. Selber habe ich leider noch keine Publisher-Datei from the scratch, um selber zu testen, was passiert.
  6. I am not firm with publisher yet, but guessing from all I know about colourmanagement from InDesign, The reasons could be: - You chose PDF-X4, which means it keeps all transparencies, and your Printer can not deal with transparencies (has no PDF Print engine). - Or as your file is an PDF-X* file, There is no colourprofile embedded. PDF-X only says to the Printer "My colourprofile is XY" And it is on the Printer to "know" how to handle this information.
  7. Hmm I think I will stay with El Capitan so long. Thanks to all
  8. Does this mean CS6 still works under Mojave? I still hook on El Capitan. Also Illustrator? I heard this will not work on Mac OS higher than El Capitan
  9. I am missing some features I often use in InDesign. Maybe they are implemented in A-Publisher and I have only problems to find them. Please, what are the equivalents, and where do I find them, for: a) Buchfunktion (in english Bookfunction?) b) Wörterbücher (in english Wordbooks?) e.g. for german hyphenation (it is terribble) c) verschachtelte Formate (nested styles?) and GREP styles d) There is only the one-line-setting for paragraphs. Where can I find Absatzsetzer (to automatically find the optimal hypehenation and textwrapping in a paragraph)? e) Can I save my own workingspaces and change them with a click? f) If I want to have a sheet with e.g. 3 pages, different sizes, how to? g) InDesign I has the function "Verpacken" (packing?). So the app looks for all linked resources of a document and put it all into one folder? h) Why can't I edit placeholder text? i) missing the feature "Spaltenspanne" (column spread?). Where I can tel e.g. a Headline to display over all columns of a texttframe, or over 3 of 4 ... j) I can set tabs only by typing the number in mm or pt, right? Is there a way to have a slider/ruler on top of the fram/column, where I can move the tab with the courser until I am satisfied with the result? Sorry, it's al lot, but I need it! (Not necessesarily GREP)
  10. I work on an iMac with system 10.11.6. This morning, when I tried to change the text in the textframe of the document page the system did't crash. But the inititial is still 5 rows high. You are right. I was also wondering, but had the problem with the initials at that moment. So what is this? Why on the right document page is displayed the left masterpage? The text frame wasn't detached, as I am still learning/trying out AP and haven't reached this point yet. Too many problems on my way trying out the program. As you can see the corners of the text frame are still crosses. Therefore I didn't resize it either. very strange: I just removed the old textframes and put new ones on the masterpage. Now the document pages are o.k. ?!?! Maybe all the trouble was because this document is based on an imported a pdf-file?
  11. It seems it happens only in a textframe originally from a masterpage. Yet I cannot test it, because publisher crashes as soon, as i try to delete the text in that frame. initials.afpub
  12. I defined a paragraph style with an initial over three lines. On the masterpage it displays the right way, but on the layout pages it streches over 5 lines.
  13. Thank you. It works. That's great. And for the angled textline I have to turn the shape before I distort it.
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