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  1. Thank you so much. I'm sorry I didn't get back to you. I had a death in my family and forgot about this. I'm going back to square 1 and begin again.
  2. I have several pictures that I want to use as layers in a book cover. The basic picture is a jpg. The rest are png I opened the basic picture (boat) and it shows up fine and shows as the background layer. I open another picture (title) and it shows as a layer also, but I can only see one or the other (which ever I put on top) instead of seeing the title on the picture of the boat. What am I doing wrong? I tried looking up beginner tutorials, but the things it was showing to do, I can't seem to find (it opened an entirely separate layer area in a little box). Do pngs not remain transparent when opened in infinity photo? Or is it something else. Please help. This is so easy to do in PaintNET but that program is missing a lot of the adjustments that can be done in Affinity Photo. But I can't seem to get the layers to work. You'd think layers would be easy in Affinity, it's pretty much the basic thing you have to do to begin creating a design.
  3. I watched a tutorial on changing eye color. In the tutorial they showed you to use the elliptical tool to outline the iris of the eyes. He just dragged the elliptical tool and it fit the shape he was drawing around. It doesn't do that for me! Why? When I try to do it, it moves around and doesn't come close to fitting the iris. I tried using the move tool to change the size but that does nothing. I read hold shift and drag... nope nothiing Help??? <sigh> (the tutorial I watched is here:
  4. Awesome... the gradient worked great. The name of the book is Bitter Prophecy so I wanted to convey the "bitter" with some darkness within the font. Thanks so much. Can you tell I'm still learning my way around. I tried so many different ideas on my project that I crashed the app, rofl.
  5. Wow, this is fab!! Thanks! Some of that may be a bit above my pay grade right now, lol... but I'll learn it!!
  6. omg Thanks for the Resources ! I got stuck in the fonts already, rofl. Fabulous info, thanks!
  7. Great, that sort of worked I can enlarge the first letter, but I wanted to enlarge it so part of it was below the other text and part above, does that make sense?
  8. I'm on a Win10 computer. I'm an affinity photo newbie I'm working on a book cover and I want to have a sort of marbleizing of color, or a swirl of a darker shade within the color of the text of the title. I've tried adding shadows, and I can do that to the outside of the text, but not having much luck on the inside.
  9. When I create a Title on my project (a book cover), I can click on "character" to change the size etc. But how can I do this to only one letter? I want to enlarge the First Letter of each word, but if I use a select tool to select only that letter, the character items don't work. I tried just selecting the letter, then clicking on "move" but only the selection box changes size, not the letter? Obviously I'm missing something
  10. Well, hey, why doesn't my infinity photo look like this? all I have on the left side is a double row of tools... none of those colors and swatches, et al! Hmmmm
  11. Sorry folks, it must have been my computer. I shut it down, came back later, and it worked <gah>
  12. I tried both the frame text and the artistic text and all I get is a faint outline of the letters no matter which font I choose! The layer is set to 100% opacity and Normal. I'm stuck.
  13. I'm creating an ebook cover and am ready to add the Title. I picked a new layer and clicked on the Text icon, I see the text choices on the tool bar, picked the one I want, but can't type it onto the layer. What did this newbie do wrong now? lol. I'm on a win10 computer and working with Affinity Photo.
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