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Official Affinity Photo (Desktop) Video Tutorials

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Hi! Please can someone tell me if there is a tools locator anywhere for Affinity Photo? I'm getting incredibly frustrated trying to find buttons that are mentioned in tutorials, with no location being given. On one video: APPLY button. In the HELP section, STOCK PANEL :) 

I think the learning curve here is a bit steep, and it would be nice if there were some material we could print that set out the basic layouts, buttons locations, etc. Unfortunately, I can't afford to buy a book in order to be able to use the programme. Serif, how about some help here :) 



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Hi Candi,
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
The Affinity Photo interface is organised by Personas (you can think of them as workspaces for specific tasks). You can access them through the icons on the top left of the interface - see this video tutorial for more details: Discover Affinity Photo.


Each Persona (workspace) have a specific set of tools located on the toolbar on the left (by default). Here's the ones available in Photo Persona (in you system they are probably displayed in a single column without the foreground/background colour switcher on bottom as in my screenshot since that is the default config/setting). To have it displayed as in the screenshot below go to menu View ▸ Customise Tools... and set the Number of Columns  (on the bottom dropdown) to 2 or more.




When you select one of the tools from the toolbar, the context toolbar located right above the work area, displays all the settings/options available for that tool specifically. Here the context toolbar for the View Tool (selected in my screenshot above - the hand icon):




The panels are all located on the right side of the application by default and also change depending on the Persona (workspace) you have selected. They provide commands/controls related with their function/name (you can enable/disable them going to menu View ▸ Studio and selecting the ones you want visible).
Here's the panels available (by default) in Photo Persona for example:


To learn more about the interface and the basics check the first sections of the video tutorials provided on this thread: Official Affinity Photo (Desktop) Video Tutorials.

The help file (also available online) contaions explanations for all tools, panels, options as well. If you are using a Mac you can also use the menu Help ▸ Search to locate commands found in the menus of the application.

If you have specific questions/issues please place a link to the video or tutorial you are following so you can quickly point the location of the tools/function whatever you are looking for.

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