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  1. What is really missing in Affinity Photo for a Pro user is the ability to create customized workspace. Especially now that many retouchers work on the set, this is very important. We go back and forth from our normal place with our usual monitor layout to many other places with many different monitor layouts. It's very annoying to rearrange every time all the panels to have our desired workspace. So, having the ability to save and recall custom workspaces would be a great feature. Professionals love to be fast and productive in the shortest time possible, so I think this is important for all the pros. Thanks again for your attention! Alex
  2. Having put the video scopes inside Affinity Photo, it would be great if we can open the native RED Raw codec with all the Raw options available in Red CineX Pro or Adobe Premiere. Now that Red cameras can shoot 8K Raw video with almost 35MP per frame, the video and photo workflow are merging together for some kind of work. In Red Cine X Pro we can save a Raw frame from any Red Camera footage. The next step would be to retouch it directly into the image editing program. Thanks!
  3. First, I must congratulate with all the team for the great work you have done. This software looks really great for being its first version, and the feature roadmap is a big step forward. Before that, I must submit a request about the UI. I usually work with two monitors so I can have the palettes on the second monitor and the maximum space reserved to the image on the first one. When I detach all the palettes everything becomes confused as they don't have a border and I cannot distinguish them very well. Take a look at https://www.dropbox.com/s/i5kamum5he2fydr/Mixed%20palettes.png?dl=0 Adding a simple border or a thin shadow would make the job IMO. That said, it would be a great enhancement to have customizable workspaces for different situations. Still in terms of usability, customized sets of shortcuts would be very useful. I was very pleased to see how color management is well supported inside the application. Here too, having the possibility to save different color settings would be useful. All these requests comes from the professional field as I do a lot of retouching and color correction every day. More suggestions very soon. Great work, guys! :)